What Is a Buyer Proposition?

Here’s what you should consider when creating your buyer proposition.

What is a value proposition for a buyer? The best real estate agents should be able to communicate why people should hire them to help them buy a property. A buyer proposition lays out the services that will get the results buyers value.


Take a look at the measurements of success that will demonstrate that you can find the best property for the best price in the least amount of time with the least amount of hassle. This chart shows your proficiency compared to your market. If you can demonstrate your market knowledge and results with supporting data, that you care and are trusted by other buyers, and that you’re superior or equal to other agents, then your chances of winning that buyer as a  client often increase, and they’ll pay your fee.

  • Pre title
  • Clue report
  • Uncovering hidden stash
  • Door Knocking/Mailing neighbors or absentee owners
  • Calling prospective sellers
  • Attorney networking
  • Social media marketing
  • Local subdivision information (videos)
  • School tours
  • Critical dates
  • Negotiating by winning offers
  • Concierge follow up

How do you stack up in your marketplace? Compare your sales price ratio to the market’s sales price ratio; compare your number of properties sold to the number sold in the market per agent; maybe show how many winning offers you’ve secured within the last 10 offers written. Is your value unique in your real estate market? Can buyers only get this with you? Are you getting pre-title on covering title issues before making an offer? Are you providing a clue report? Give buyers access to the hidden stash of properties by door knocking, sending mail to neighbors or absentee homeowners, calling prospective sellers not yet on the market, and networking with divorce, probate, and trust attorneys.


“The best real estate agents should be able to communicate why people should hire them.”


Engage in Facebook marketing to let others know what your buyer’s needs are and provide your buyers deeds, bylaws, and videos of local subdivisions. Set up school tours and have after-move-in neighborhood intro parties. Provide trusted vendors and crucial dates to help them stay abreast of the transaction. Guide them on how to beat multiple offers by reviewing what a winning offer looks like in the beginning.


Promise and provide unmatched service. Do you have guarantees like “love it or leave it?” Do you store all their data for years, including their appraisal and inspection so if they ever need anything you’re the trusted resource? Do you provide a one-stop shop service with title, insurance, inspection, home warranty, and maintenance and repair with your trusted vendors to save buyers time and money? You can even provide a lender or Keller Mortgage to help make the house more affordable and bulletproof your results and value.

  •  Love It or Leave It
  •  Buy New house until Old house Sells 
  • Pre Close Document Review and Utility Transfer, Escrow Set Up and Release

Are you delighting with your service so you earn five-star reviews and at least one referral per relationship? Are you prepared for every appointment by previewing all active properties? Have market comparable data for the area and neighborhood. Build rapport, determine motivation, and enjoy the experience.

Post Closing: 
  • Data Storage including Inspection, appraisal, (for refinance ease) neighborhood information including by laws and restrictions
  • One Stop shop – title, appraisers, lender, vendors, insurance, movers
  • Delight with Service
  • Earn 5 star reviews and referrals by Building Lifetime Relationships
  • Continually Staying in Touch

I suggest reading “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent,” chapter three, page 95, figure six: The Top Ten Service Areas of the Buyer Value Proposition. Determine your unique value proposition to buyers and your bank account will thank you.


If you have questions about buyer value propositions or any other real estate matter, call or email me. I would love to speak with you

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