Ann Arbor Real Estate Market Up

Ann Arbor prices, volume, and number of homes  sold are up in Washtenaw County real estate.  Sales continues to remain strong in October of 2012 according to the Ann Arbor Area Board of REALTORS.  Robust is the word being used to describe the fast pace of residential real estate sales in October. Real estate sales in Washtenaw County, during the month October, has continued in the same upward trend that’s been taking place throughout the year.  Want to Know What your Home is Worth? 


The total year-to-date residential sales dollar volume is also up 19.3%. 

The number of listings on the market is slightly less than last year, and have continued to be low all year which is leading to higher sales prices for Sellers. This is a great reason to list your home as buyers are qualified and looking to purchase.  With less properties on the market many sellers have been receiving multiple offers.

Year-to-date, the average residential sale price is $211,738, an increase of 9.8 percent over last year.

The average sale price for residential real estate in October was $216,465, an increase of 14.6 percent over October last year.

Residential real estate sales units are up as well with an increase of 25.7 percent over last year, with 264 units sold in October 2012 compared to 210 units sold in October 2011.

 The number of homes sold  Year-to-Date is up 9%.

The average List Price in October 2012 (highlighted in Yellow below) for the Washtenaw County area is up 14% over October 2011.

The “Monthly Housing Statistics” published each month by the Ann Arbor Area Board of REALTORS® represent the housing activity of the Multiple Listing Service and not necessarily all the housing activity that has occurred in Washtenaw County. If you would like more details or information about our statistics, please email

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National and Ann Arbor Real Estate Market Improves September 2012

National Real Estate Sales Up September 2012
 Want to Know What Your Neighbor’s House Sold For?

In Ann Arbor, the real estate market is up too.

By the way – I just saw some squirrels out in my back yard preparing for Winter.  Those chippies were running, bouncing and diligently storing up their supply for the months ahead. Of course, this reminded me of a few things I should be tending to outside as well.  Raking leaves and preparing a few beds with Spring Bulbs.

If you live in Ann Arbor, one of my favorite places to get some great fall ideas is the Downtown Home and Garden Center and for those that live in the Dexter area, how about the Dexter Mill which is a great place to gather up a few creative ideas for all your Fall clean up.  Another fun place to help get those creative juices  flowing is Lesser Farm & Orchard, and The Frosty Apple Orchard  If you have a little time remaining, lend a helping hand to another family member, friend or neighbor that could surely use your raking skills.

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All Aboard! – Ann Arbor Trains, Past and Present, Bring Passengers to Ann Arbor, Michigan

Kathy Toth and Team, Keller Williams Market Center, Ann Arbor, MI 734.426.6669, Ann Arbor Train Station
Ann Arbor Amtrak Moves People in the Right Direction – To Ann Arbor, Michigan

Train Heading in the Right Direction

All Aboard! – Ann Arbor trains, past and present, bring passengers to Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor has had 3 train stations over time:  The Michigan Central Depot; the Ann Arbor Railroad; and the current active Amtrak Station. The first  2 stations were up and running before the turn of the century and built within 3 years of each other.  The city of Ann Arbor is currently considering eight different site options for a new Amtrak station as well.

The First Train Station – The Michigan Central Depot at 401 Depot Street in Ann Arbor, built in 1886. This prominent station had very elaborate architectural design elements constructed of stone boasting rounded 2/3 cut stone arched windows. Ann Arbor was a busy stop with the University of Michigan campus bringing passengers to and from the University.

The station was designed by architect Frederick Spier from Detroit who was also the architect for other stations such as Grass Lake and Jackson, Michigan just to mention a few.

In 1914 the University of Michigan Mens Football team traveled by train on the Michigan Central Railroad out of Ann Arbor  to Allston-Brighton, Massachusetts to play Harvard in Football.  University of Michigan fans, back then – like now – were very supportive of their football team. Fans packed in around the Michigan Central Railroad building to give the U of M football squad a rousing send off.

Past Presidents William Howard Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, Grover Cleveland, Dwight David Eisenhower, Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy either used this station or gave campaign appearances at the Michigan Central Depot.

The original Michigan Central Rail Station on Depot Street is now the Historic Gandy Dancer restaurant purchased in 1969.  The Gandy Dancer was named after the men who maintained the railroad tracks.  Here is a terrific article published in the Ann Arbor Observer, Then and Now, by Author, Grace Shackman.

The Second Station – The Ann Arbor Railroad built in 1889 was a smaller, more modest station constructed over on Ashley Street in Ann Arbor.  The Ann Arbor Railroad was known to most as the ‘Annie’. During the summer months, the Ann Arbor Railroad scheduled day trips to Whitmore Lake, Michigan.  Boarding at 416 South Ashley Street in Ann Arbor, the train made several round trips a day for passengers to get out of the busy city of Ann Arbor and head to the lake and to work. Other stops were in Hamburg, Lakeland, and South Lyon, Michigan. The Ann Arbor Railroad gradually ran North all the way to Frankfort, Michigan, and came up from the south to Ann Arbor from Toledo.  Today the Ann Arbor Railroad station is the Doughty Montessori School.

With the onset of interstate travel, with better roads, expressways, cars, trucks, and semi-haulers; freight traffic soon had other means of reaching destinations without the use of the rails.  Many rail lines were abandoned and other means of transportation energized.

AmtrakThe Third Station – The current Amtrak Station in Ann Arbor was built in 1983.  The Amtrak station is located at 325 Depot Street in Ann Arbor, Michigan just walking steps from the Gandy Dancer.  Station ridership in 2011 (for fiscal year October-September) was 148,911.

Children love the train.  This is a fun experience for them and educational as well.  Have them read about the history of the local train stations here in Ann Arbor and take a trip on the Rails.  Kids tickets, ages 2 – 15 ride the rails one half off everyday. See the Washtenaw County Rails Map.  Take a trip on the rails this fall for a beautiful Pure Michigan color tour.

Travelers enjoy taking the train today, to and from Ann Arbor, and find this to be a very relaxing mode of travel. The Wolverine line out of Ann Arbor, has daily service between Pontiac and Chicago. Get your tickets and plan your trip with friends on the Amtrack.

The map below gives directions to the Ann Arbor Train Station.

View Larger Map

Amtrak Train Station is Located at 325 Depot Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Ann Arbor offers great access to the expressway to get to Detroit or beyond quickly. A hop skip and a jump away is Zingerman’s DeliKerrytownKerrytown Farmers MarketBriarwood MallU of M campus, Medical Center and University of Michigan football games. Drive to Veteran’s Park for figure or hockey skating, baseball, sledding, swimming, or enjoy fresh produce at Plum Market or if you are looking for a fun afternoon out in the area, check out the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum for some great family fun! Get your picture and push the interactive art by artist  Tony Rosenthals “Endover” the Cube off State Street North of the Student Union.

If you are looking for entertainment and things to do, be sure to Visit Hill Auditorium! Take in a show at the beautiful Michigan Theatre in Downtown Ann Arbor.    Want some unique gifts and garden tips? Find out more from the Ann Arbor Experts! For some specialty items be sure to visit nearby Morgan and York with videoAnn Arbor is a great place to live – convenient for all, including the Detroit metro airport, which is around 30 minutes away! Remember to be sure to visit world famous Ann Arbor Arts Fairs held every July.

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How Do I Find the Right Real Estate Agent For Me?

Kathy Toth and Team | Keller Williams Realty Ann Arbor Market Center | 734.426.6669

I got this question the other day and wanted to share it with you. “How do I find the right real estate agent for me?”  Here’s my response:

1.  When searching for a real estate agent, it’s important to find one who appreciates and understands the type of transactions you will engage. When approaching potential agents, explain to them that if you are an investor, your business model is based on a high number of transactions closing on a yearly basis or if you are buyng one home that you will need personalized attention.

2.  It is important to find an agent that has the right mindset to work on all types of transactions. If an agent does not understand financing and investing, you will most likely have issues working with this agent in the future. It will be critical to find high energy, open-minded people who are interested in learning or experiencing different aspects of real estate.

3.  When hiring an agent to represent you in a transaction, consider that you’re going to use their knowledge of the real estate market. It is their skill and experience that will benefit you and the goals of transactions in your business.

4.  Of all the homes they list, what percent sell?

5.  What are homes selling for in the market compared to their results ( LP/SP ratio).

6.  How many days on market do their sales take vs. the average?

7.  Be sure to spend some time discussing your goals and expectations with the agent. The more they can learn about your process, system, timing you wish to focus on, the faster they can provide you with opportunities to review and or place offers.

To summarize, having an excellent real estate expert on your team can benefit your real estate business significantly. The more they understand your business, the better they can support its growth and your ability to earn a substantial income in this market.  There is no replacement for an excellent reputation and experience. This is priceless!

For your current and the most comprehensive Ann Arbor Area Real Estate market information including absorption rates for Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter and Saline click here  .  Keep up-to-date on your local neighborhood and have the report sent directly to your email inbox.

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Ann Arbor Real Estate Market Report Show 4 Months Supply For First Half of 2012

Was your house one of the 723 Sold properties in Ann Arbor, Michigan over the past 6 months? Ann Arbor homes will sell quickly when priced and marketed properly.

There were  238 homes that sold in a price range of $200K – $300K.   This was the largest segment of active listings @ 129 out of the total number of  active listings of 486.  In this price range the average list price was $254,447.  This price range averaged 53 days on market.  The average sales price was $242,634. During this 6 months there was an approximate 3.3 months of inventory available pushing toward a Sellers Market.

The 3.3 months of inventory is determined by knowing the total number of active listings (homes currently for sale) and the total number of homes that sold over a specific period of time.  Take the total number of sold homes that you are comparing, in our case 238 divide by 6 months  = 39.66.  Then take the total number of active listings you are comparing and this is 129 in our $200K – $300K segment and divide by 39.66 and you will get approximately 3.25 rounded to  3.3 as the Absorption Rate or Months of Inventory (before any new properties come on the market).  Place this into a heat index, located along the right hand side of the chart below, shows the absorption rate of every segment  of the inventory.  The color Red indicates a favorable Selling Market and Blue indicates a Buyers Market.    To read the complete  report go to the  ANN ARBOR REAL ESTATE MARKET REPORT FOR THE FIRST HALF OF 2012 published August 6, 2012.

Red Heat Index Shows a Sellers Market
Red on the Heat Index
Indicates a Sellers Market

In the Ann Arbor real estate market , the hottest segment, indicating a Sellers Market, comes from homes priced between $100K – $200K.  This bracket comes in second for number of homes sold.  There were 228 homes sold and the heat index shows an Absorption Rate at 2.9.  If you have a home to sell in this price range do not hesitate to list your property today.  Buyers are  looking  these home at a faster rate than all other segments.

Take a few minutes to review your price range.  Homes in a price range of $0.00 all the way up to $499,999 with  good location, curb appeal and staged for proper showings will sell the quickest.  And this entire range is showing more favorably toward a Seller’s Market as well.

At the bottom of the chart the Median Market pricing shows that the listings priced at approximately $289,900 are on the market for approximately 54 days.  But, when priced at a median price between $247,000 to $239,900 will sell at a median price of  approximately $235,000 with an approximate 33 days on market.

Just click here  to see a larger chart and to read the 4 page Ann Arbor Real Estate Market Report.

Ann Arbor Real Estate Market Report, Monday August 6, 2012
Ann Arbor Real Estate Market Report,
Monday August 6, 2012

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Washtenaw County Recorded Sheriff’s Deeds Down Again for 6th Straight Month of 2012

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Market Report

The number of recorded Sheriff’s Deeds are down again for the 6th straight month in 2012 for the Ann Arbor and the Washtenaw County Area.   The 74, July 2012 reported sheriff’s deeds are down 27 % over the same period in July of 2011.  Comparing the 510 recorded Sheriff’s deeds year-to-date 2012 to the 690 recorded in 2011 the sheriff deeds are down 26%.  If we compare the number year to date for 2012 for the same year-to-date period in 2010 we are doing 41% better than 2 years ago during the same reporting period.  Great news as Recorded Sheriff’s Deeds have continued to decline for the past 6 months in a row.  The positive news is – the number of recorded sheriff’s deeds continues to head back toward those  of 2006 totals.  View the chart below for full details.

Buyers – know that home prices are continuing to climb and the mortgage market interest rates are fantastic.  Our buyer’s agents are ready to help you purchase your new home.  Don’t rent when you can buy and capture the market pricing for incredible fixed rate 30 year payments.  Landlords can raise the rent, but a fixed rate mortgage will remain the same for the term of your loan.  Read Why Rent when you could own.  Read our Seven successful buying tips.

Sellers – market inventory is low.  With proper pricing, those homes are selling fast.  You, too, can take advantage of low inventory and buyers looking to invest.  Sell now and take advantage of the incredible interest rates offered by mortgage lenders.  What is my home worth.  Here are a few quick tips for preparing your home for the market.

July Sheriff Deed Report

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The Michigan Union on The U of M Campus in Ann Arbor is Steeped in History

Kathy Toth and Team, Keller Williams Market Center, Ann Arbor, MI  734.426.6669 – The University of Michigan Student Union.

The U of M Historic Michigan Union is Steeped in History.

Take a stroll through the historic Michigan Union Located at 530 S. State Street on Central Campus in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

In 1904 the Michigan Union began with a meeting held at the Waterman Gymnasium with over 1100 students in attendance to form an “all inclusive organization” promoting unity for the men on campus. As the organization grew, the University of Michigan Union founders acquired a new location on S. State Street in Ann Arbor and in 1907 opened the Clubhouse in the remodeled residence of Judge Thomas M. Cooley, a longstanding member of the University of Michigan law faculty.  The organization grew so quickly, and again they needed a larger facility.  Plans were designed to tear down the Cooley house, their present location, and build right there rather than relocate.  In 1916 groundbreaking took place and the new Michigan Union officially opened in 1919.  See before and after photos of the Building and History of the Michigan Union.

Over the years there have been many additions, expansions and rule changes to the organization and to the building which keep the Michigan Union a vibrant location for education, study, entertainment, and camaraderie to this very day.  To read more about the history of The Michigan Union, get a copy of the book “The Michigan Union: 1904-2004 – 100 Years of Student Life.” By Jeffrey M. Rowe.


Here are a few interesting facts about the Union.  For instance, did you know that there was a swimming pool and a bowling alley in the Union at one time?  They were located under the present bookstore.  And women – you are now welcome to use the front door and enjoy all that the facility has to offer.  Until 1954, women were not allowed inside the building and not allowed to use the front door. Women could use the North entrance only and must be accompanied by a male member.  Due to social change, women were finally able to have full access and privileges to the facility in 1972.

Over the years the Michigan Union has been honored to have such dignitaries as President John F. Kennedy in 1960 and a visit by the Dalai Lama  as special guests.  When Senator John F. Kennedy made his visit during the last few weeks of the Presidential campaign in 1960, he stood on the steps of the Michigan Union and announced his vision of the Peace Corps.  He talked about foreign service, and volunteering  individual time and talent in underdeveloped countries of the world.   Read the transcript of his speech.

The Michigan Union is a great place to visit, eat, tour or attend any of the special events throughout the year.  Take the opportunity to stop in and walk through this beautiful building and be a part of Michigan history.  The Michigan Union is open for regular Fall/Winter Semester hours Monday – Saturday 9 am – 2 am and Sunday 9 am – 2 am.  Hours change somewhat for Spring/Summer terms. Learn more about the Michigan Union events and meetings.

After you visit the Michigan Union – step outside and visit the Tony Rosenthal initeractive Cube within walking distance to the North of the Student Union.

View Michigan Union in a larger map   

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Fewer Sheriff’s Deeds 5th Straight Month in Ann Arbor Real Estate Market Kathy Toth and Team| 734.426.6669|, Ann Arbor Market Center Keller Williams  2144 S. State St Ann Arbor, MI 48104

The Ann Arbor Real Estate Market is once again down in the number of Reported Sheriff’s Deeds recorded for the 5th straight month.  Year-to-Date we are down 25.85% comparing the first half of the year reports to last year.  When we compare June 2011 to June 2012 sheriff’s deeds are down in Washtenaw County 17.95%.  This is excellent news.  And comparing just the Month of June over the past 11 years we would have to go all the way back to June of 2006 to find a lower number of reported sheriff’s deeds recorded in Washtenaw County.  All good signs in the Ann Arbor Real Estate Market.

Buyers will start to notice fewer and fewer Bank Owned properties coming on the market in months ahead with these leading indicators in the Ann Arbor Real Estate Market.  While interest rates are still at all time lows there is no better time to purchase your new home.  To search for all listed properties just check out  Don’t sit on the fence in this market, why rent when you can own.

Ann Arbor Area Market StatsSellers – the market is hot right now.  Many properties are receiving multiple offers.  If you are interested in knowing what your home is worth just contact us for your personal comparative market analysis (CMA).  To get your Ann Arbor Area Market Stats for Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter and Saline click the brochure to the right and have the report emailed directly to your inbox. Want to know WHAT IS MY HOME WORTH?

An updated table showing monthly Sheriff’s Deeds recorded for January 2002 through June, 2012 is presented below.

June Sheriff's Deeds Reported Down for the 5th Straight Month – Market Trends and GO BLUE




Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Sales Down in Ann Arbor and Surrounding Area

Incredible news –  for the  3rd month in a row we have had a drop in the number of recorded Sheriff Deeds in Washtenaw County.  April 2011 compared to this year April 2012 we are down 36.5%.  Yearly totals for the 1st 4 months of 2011 compared to the 1st 4 months of 2012 we are down 28.64% from last year.  2012 is certainly showing improved signs of stabilization with a total of 122 fewer recorded sheriff’s deeds compared to last year at this time.

Sellers – it is time to list your home.  Property inventory is down and buyers are writing offers.  Very important to price your home to sell at a competitive price point to attract buyers.  Keep in mind that the sale of your home will also depend on an appraisal.

Looking for foreclosure deals?

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The chart below has been provided by Washtenaw County Clerk and Register of Deeds.

Use our detailed  home search engine to  Search homes in Ann Arbor and the surrounding area.

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Dexter Real Estate: 6934 Wilson; Huron Farms Subdivsion, Dexter Schools

Huron Farms  6934 Wilson, Dexter Schools  Short Sale

Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Square Feet: 1,813

Lovely ranch home nestled among trees and nature, professionally landscaped, English-garden inspired lot minutes from Ann Arbor and I-94, walking distance to shopping, schools, adjacent pond and woodland areas. Beautiful, spacious paver patio. 10 ft ceilings, hardwood floors throughout main living area, granite kitchen, and every possible upgrade. Wired for home theatre projection system; approx. 110″ (4.5 ft X 8 ft) screen stays. A delightful retreat to come home to. Subject to short sale approval. Own your piece of Dexter Real Estate today!

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