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So let me guess…you’ve heard hundred of unbelievable stories about the gorgeous State of Michigan but you’re not quite sure where to start looking for adownload home yet, am I right? Well you’ve found the place to be! The Toth Team is here to use our diverse resources and assets to help YOU find the home that you deserve. Your needs are just as important as ours and we want you to feel comfortable and secure in your new home. We will do anything it takes to find you the right home in the right area. Change is not easy, so take a deep breath and relax because you are now in the best hands possible!

Ann Arbor, Michigan is home to the University of Michigan! We are proud to cheer on our Football Team in Ann Arbor’s brand new stadium! There is no place quite like Ann Arbor on a fall Saturday afternoon when the leaves on the trees are a breathtaking mixture of gold, orange, red and yellow and every house on the block is hosting a welcoming tailgate party before the football game. Michigan’s Stadium symbolizes pride for locals and we would like you to join in on the action! We have sold homes to many local and foreign investors who are interested in living near the University of Michigan and they are thrilled with their new homes, and we know you will be too!

TUM_Night_Game-thumb-590x391-111818he Toth Team has mapped out every square inch of this town and we are experts at this field! The market is hot and you don’t want to miss out – this is the time and place to buy! We are willing to market your home in native languages globally and go the extra mile that other agencies will not. Foreign investment in the US residential real estate market have grown 35% in the last year to more than 92.2 billion dollars, and we want you to get a piece of that pie! The Toth Team takes ADVANTAGE of global marketing for our listings. This is important to get your listing maximum exposure worldwide.

Michigan is full of opportunities and with that comes growth! The Toth Team is continuing to grow and improve daily with new technology and effective test methods. We want you to make your own memories here in Ann Arbor, with us! Kathy Toth and Team works hard with Keller Williams Realty to provide homes and excellent customer service you won’t find anywhere else!


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Ann Arbor’s Walkability Score – Is it Your Paradise?

Driving has always been one of America’s odd pastimes, with week-long road trips from coast to coast, but sometimes we just want to leave our car behind and walk. Maybe that’s why the downtown area has become so popular with local residents in Ann Arbor. The “walk-able” character of the city has always appealed to those wanting to forget the hassle of traffic and be conveniently located near the university campus, local grocery stores, and favorite restaurants. The charm of any downtown is always determined by it’s “walk score,” and Ann Arbor can proudly tell everyone it scored a 98 out of 100.

Ann Arbor Walkability

Ann Arbor’s Walk Score

Ann Arbor – A Walker’s Paradise

With a walk score of 98, this means you can easily run daily errands without a car. From your downtown loft or condo, you can enjoy a hot coffee one block down the street or see a movie behind your complex. The University of Michigan’s campus is nearby, allowing college students to easily get to class and find what they need. For those who just enjoy living in the city, grocery stores and local marketplaces are all located within a short walking distance — giving you the relaxation of going at your own pace. You don’t need to deal with driving, filling the tank up, or mess with traffic.

Ann Arbor’s Scores

  • Walk Score = 98
  • Bike Score = 99
  • Transit Score = 65

With top scores like this, it’s easy to see why living in downtown Ann Arbor is so pleasurable. Schools, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars are located in one central hub that you can easily get to. However Ann Arbor’s scores are complemented by great places to live. Condo complexes like Liberty Lofts and Sloan Plaza introduce residents to comfortable living matched with unique amenities. Not only is the city at your command, but you also have access to swimming pools, exercise rooms, and breathtaking views. Everything you’ve ever wanted is at your doorstep — literally, so why not give downtown Ann Arbor real estate a look. Search our current listings below:

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In an Ann Arbor State of Mind: The Cube

Ann Arbor Cube

What State of Mind are You In?

Nothing can explain the complexity and artistic edge of Ann Arbor except the University of Michigan’s Cube, otherwise known as Endover. One look at it and you’ll find yourself contemplating an endless loop of thoughts. You might walk up to it and trace your fingers along its straight edges, but nonetheless you’ll continue to ponder how Endover remains standing on its pointed side. This is the atmosphere Ann Arbor has continued to pursue, not only within the University of Michigan’s campus grounds, but throughout downtown. Nothing has to be normal. Any town has shops visitors can peruse and look around, but only Ann Arbor has built-in fairy doors for their special guests. Only in Ann Arbor do you find alley bars with decorated murals plastered on their outside walls.

Ann Arbor Fairy Door


This is what the cube represents in Ann Arbor. It’s a testament to the city’s artistic creativity and fun-filled atmosphere. It’s a town that you can sit along a street-side cafe and muse about daily life. You can watch residents shop around or you can join in the fun. Our suggestion is to head to one of the Wolverine’s football games and feel the excitement of the community. Nowhere in Ann Arbor is life boring and normal. Living here is all about relaxation and fun.

With all this said, however; the more important question is which state of mind are you in?

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Ann Arbor’s Alley Bar

Alley Bar Ann ArborLiving in Ann Arbor isn’t like living in a suburb. Locals love getting out, spending the night eating at delicious restaurants and seeing popular movies. And with great evening starters, you need to cap off the night with a fun experience — which can be found at the Alley Bar. As one of the most distinguishable buildings in Ann Arbor, the Alley Bar has built up a legendary reputation where locals can meet and enjoy a casual atmosphere of drinks. Located in downtown Ann Arbor, it commands a convenient location for people to cap off the night with a couple cocktails after a great time eating out. It’s the perfect mesh between creative mixers and favorite cheap beers. The atmosphere maintains the “Goldilocks” standard, where it keeps things casual, but not too casual for local residents. So, if you’re looking for a fun weekend out-on-the-town, Alley Bar is one place to go.

Bringing the Pickle Back

One of the Alley’s signature campaigns of late has been “bringing the pickle back.” When you first see one, you think it’s a shot of whiskey followed with a shot of pickle juice, but that’s not enough to describe the experience. Test your sour face and see why it has become a popular Ann Arbor drink. That’s the only way to understand the experience at the Alley Bar.

Location & Information

Living in Downtown Ann Arbor

If you enjoy the lively atmosphere of downtown Ann Arbor and want to experience it everyday, search our current listings for nearby homes and condos. You’ll not only have the convenience of being near all the places you love, but have luxurious amenities that makes living even that much sweeter. Read our article for more information, Ann Arbor Lofts, or search our current listings:

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