In an Ann Arbor State of Mind: The Cube

Ann Arbor Cube

What State of Mind are You In?

Nothing can explain the complexity and artistic edge of Ann Arbor except the University of Michigan’s Cube, otherwise known as Endover. One look at it and you’ll find yourself contemplating an endless loop of thoughts. You might walk up to it and trace your fingers along its straight edges, but nonetheless you’ll continue to ponder how Endover remains standing on its pointed side. This is the atmosphere Ann Arbor has continued to pursue, not only within the University of Michigan’s campus grounds, but throughout downtown. Nothing has to be normal. Any town has shops visitors can peruse and look around, but only Ann Arbor has built-in fairy doors for their special guests. Only in Ann Arbor do you find alley bars with decorated murals plastered on their outside walls.

Ann Arbor Fairy Door


This is what the cube represents in Ann Arbor. It’s a testament to the city’s artistic creativity and fun-filled atmosphere. It’s a town that you can sit along a street-side cafe and muse about daily life. You can watch residents shop around or you can join in the fun. Our suggestion is to head to one of the Wolverine’s football games and feel the excitement of the community. Nowhere in Ann Arbor is life boring and normal. Living here is all about relaxation and fun.

With all this said, however; the more important question is which state of mind are you in?

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