Ann Arbor’s Alley Bar

Alley Bar Ann ArborLiving in Ann Arbor isn’t like living in a suburb. Locals love getting out, spending the night eating at delicious restaurants and seeing popular movies. And with great evening starters, you need to cap off the night with a fun experience — which can be found at the Alley Bar. As one of the most distinguishable buildings in Ann Arbor, the Alley Bar has built up a legendary reputation where locals can meet and enjoy a casual atmosphere of drinks. Located in downtown Ann Arbor, it commands a convenient location for people to cap off the night with a couple cocktails after a great time eating out. It’s the perfect mesh between creative mixers and favorite cheap beers. The atmosphere maintains the “Goldilocks” standard, where it keeps things casual, but not too casual for local residents. So, if you’re looking for a fun weekend out-on-the-town, Alley Bar is one place to go.

Bringing the Pickle Back

One of the Alley’s signature campaigns of late has been “bringing the pickle back.” When you first see one, you think it’s a shot of whiskey followed with a shot of pickle juice, but that’s not enough to describe the experience. Test your sour face and see why it has become a popular Ann Arbor drink. That’s the only way to understand the experience at the Alley Bar.

Location & Information

Living in Downtown Ann Arbor

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