Our New App Will Enhance Your Home Searches

New KW technology will allow consumers to search for homes like never before. Our Chief Innovation Officer will explain.

Want to Buy a Home? Search All Homes

Want to Sell a Home? Get a Home Value Report

As you use the app, it finds out what you like and don’t like. It trains very similarly to Amazon or Netflix.


5. Commute calculator. With the app, you can plug in the address of your work and calculate the commute time between a property and your work.

6. Collaboration. You can actually start private discussions on any home and also invite your agent, co-buyer, or family members to engage you in a discussion right on the app.

7. Property pages. Whenever you’re looking at a property, there will be a feature that allows you to see the neighborhood it’s in and key features about that neighborhood. Then you can go explore the area on the map, allowing you to find out what it’s like to live in any neighborhood for any home.

8. Request tour. At the bottom of the app, there are two buttons: One to contact the agent for the listing, and the other that allows you to schedule a time to visit the home.

This app could truly change the way that consumers search for homes and interact with sellers and their agents. To find out more or to address any questions you have, please reach out to Toth Team Worldwide. We’d be glad to help.

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