How You Can Appeal Your Home Tax

We talk with Catherine McClary about how you can appeal your home tax.


Today we’re going to talk about how to appeal your Michigan taxes. We are blessed with a wonderful guest who is an expert on taxes, Catherine McClary, the treasurer of Washtenaw County. As she explains, if you believe your taxes are too high, it might be because the assessment of your home is too high. You can protest this assessment by yourself; you don’t need an attorney.

Steps to Fight your Michigan Taxes 

1. Make an Appointment for March Board of Review in second week in March.

2. Get Form L 4035 to propose an alternative value

3. You need to submit similar sales to defend your opinion

4. Take this to Board of Review appointment.

5. In June – first Monday, you will receive the Board of Review result and you can then appeal after that if needed.

You can watch the interview above, or you can skip to each section using the timestamps provided below: 

0:00 — Introducing Catherine McClary and today’s topic

0:33 — The deadline for protesting your tax assessment

2:12 — The steps to appeal your assessment

2:49 — How you can propose an alternative value

3:58 — Presenting your information to the board of review

4:30 — Getting the results of your protest and the appeal process

5:18 — Do assessors use the sales price of your house?

5:55 — There are exemptions that may apply to you

6:25 — Wrapping up

We hope this information empowers you and helps you take control of your taxes. You can access the review and appeal brochure here. If you have any tax questions, you can email Catherine at If you need help with your valuation or real estate in general, call us at 734-216-7845. We would love to hear from you.

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