How to Create a Value Proposition That Beats the Competition

Here’s how a value proposition demonstrates your worth as an agent.

A good real estate agent can explain why a potential client should hire them to sell their home. You can think of it like Apple launching a new technology; in your industry, however, you’re “launching” a home onto the market.

In order to be chosen by a seller, you need to have a value proposition. Your value proposition lays out all the services you provide that will get your seller the results they want—see figure 17 in “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” to see what services to share.

Take a look at success measurements that show how you can sell a home quickly and for top dollar. This can help you dispel any doubts a client may have about commission, and it will therefore win you the earnings you deserve. The chart seen at 0:48 in the video is one way to demonstrate your proficiency versus that of your competitors. Some great metrics to include are your days on market, list-to-sales price ratio, the number of properties sold, and the percentage of listings closed..


“With all of your strengths and benefits in mind as an agent, you’ll know exactly what you can offer to your clients..”

Some great metrics to include are:

  • Your days on market compared to your Board average.
  • List-to-sales price ratio compared to your Board average.
  • Number of properties sold, compared to the average agent.
  • Percentage of listings closed compared to Board average.

What else is part of your value proposition? Do you offer something unique that no other agent can? Does choosing you as an agent mean a client won’t want or need anything else? Do you have any guarantees? Do you bundle costs like titles, insurance, warranties, and inspections? What about staging and home repairs? Other value propositions might include:

  • Guarantee Home Sale
  • Guarantee Home Buy Program (Until Your Home Sells)
  • Tiered Menu of Services with Flexible Commission structure
  • We Fix Your Home and Finance the Fix (until it’s re-paid at closing)

With all of your strengths and benefits in mind as an agent, you’ll know exactly what you can offer to your clients. Still, it’s important to be prepared before going to a client appointment. Preview active competitors, have market comparable data for the area, and use tools like BrokerMetrics to show how you stack up compared to others. If you can demonstrate your listing proficiency with data, your chances of winning increase.

I suggest that all agents make sure to read or review chapters 3 and 16 in “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.” These will help you further shape your value proposition. If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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