Finding the Value Proposition of a Real Estate Team

What’s the value proposition for a team?

The best real estate teams can communicate why people should work with them. The value proposition lays out the services that will get the results agents value. At 0:25 in the video, you can see some of the services teams share. Take a look at the offerings that demonstrate how you can choose the best support for you to sell real estate. This list can be the model you need to demonstrate team proficiency compared to your market and other competitors. 

Remember to determine what you will net. Return on investment isn’t always determined by money; it’s sometimes based on wellness, ease, and elegance. Consider the following: 

  • Lead generation systems and distribution
  • Future leadership positions
  • Ongoing coaching and training with digital libraries
  • Administrative support (including CRMs and social campaigns)
  • Plug-and-play systems, tools, and financial plans (including tech support)
  • Community within a growth-minded community 
  • Accountability through huddles, meetings, competitions, and tracking
  • Do they have charitable giving?
  • How does the team stack up in your marketplace? What are the results, reputations, and branding?
  • What does the culture look like? Are they celebrating you bringing in a seller client or chastising you because your client needed photos quickly and the team process is slower?
  • Compare their sales price ratio to the market sales price ratio
  • Compare their number of properties sold per agent to the number of properties sold in the market per agent in total market share 
  • Compare closing percent to market closing percent 
  • How long would it take you to get all of this value? 
  • Is it an ecosystem? Are they the only ones who have this? Do they have proprietary systems?
  • Do you have immediate credibility with your clients?
  • Does the team have guarantees (e.g., Love It or Leave It, or ‘You list with me and I buy your new home until we sell your existing home’)?
  • Do they have the ‘easy button’ for consumers so they can, for instance, bundle title, insurance, inspection, home warranty, and maintenance and repair with trusted vendors to save money and time with one-stop shopping?
  • What are the reviews like? Are clients delighted enough with the service so that you can also earn five-star reviews and referrals?
  • Can you interview exited and current members?
  • Are you able to focus on what you love and let go of the rest?

Find what you need and have fun. I also recommend reading “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” by Gary Keller. Determine if a team is your path at this time—your bank account will thank you. 

Shout out to the Hoffman Murphy Team, the Quinton Group and the Daily Group for being great and effective examples of value proposition.

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Real estate heroes: Thanks for investing your time here and stay tuned for future videos. If you have any questions about this topic, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to hear from you.

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