Fairy Door Popularity in Ann Arbor and the Surrounding Communities

Can you imagine finding a tiny little door about 6 to 8 inches high mounted anywhere on your property? Fairy Door Lovers can certainly imagine having just such an adorable, little, tiny door embellish their property, especially in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Why would a business like to have a Fairy Door?  Because they are so cute. They draw you in and make you feel happy. Some doors are inside the buildings and when you see them for the first time you think of all the creativity and imagination it took someone to construct such a remarkable little door and you smile. I always want to open the tiny little door to see what’s inside.

FairyDoorPicJonathan B. Wright, of Urban-Fairies.com has been living with fairy doors in his Ann Arbor home since the mid- 1990’s, when the kids in his wife’s day-care discovered one under the stairway. Jonathan installed the first door at Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea in Ann Arbor back in 2005. Within one week the whimsical little door was removed and once again the door appeared.  Read: Opening the secrets behind Ann Arbor’s famed fairy doors, Jen McKee, .  And See more pics of the little portals around Ann Arbor in an article written by Messy Nessy, The Town with a Subculture of Secret Tiny Doors.  The doors flourished between 2005 and 2008 because of Jonathan and other Fairy Door Lovers. New doors have opened and some old doors have closed over the years.

The doors continue to pop up in Ann Arbor and in neighboring towns.  No matter who creates the door they each begin with a lot of thought and creativity.  For instance, the door at the Ann Arbor Public Library is located on the Fairy Tale and Folklore bookshelf inside the library. Hans Christian Andersen would be so happy knowing children might then be reading his collection of 80 Fairy Tales for children.  How about a “Giggle” logo that can be found on the Fairy Door at the Google office in Ann Arbor.

fairy sghtingWhat do people leave at the doorstep of these adorable little doors?  Good-natured children and adults will leave pennies, notes, trinkets, tiny toys and feathers, any other tiny objects.  The carpenters building the fairy doors will construct them so the doors open and shut, out of materials such as wood, metal, ceramic, and brick. Some will even have a sash that actually pulls up and down letting you know if the store is open or closed.

Popularity is growing for the Fairy Doors beyond the city of Ann Arbor. If you know where there is a public Fairy Door hiding – let us know where it is so we can share in your joy.

Doors were meant to be opened.  Let us help you open the door to your new home. We can assist you through the entire buying process. To search for your new home go to:  www.HomeSearchAnnArbor.com.  If you are thinking selling, contact the TOTH TEAM for further at 734.426.6669 or [email protected].

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