The Delia Group and Toth Team Join Forces

Delia Group and Toth Team alliance “Powered by Infinity”

The Delia Group of Rochester, MI, and the Toth Team of Ann Arbor, MI, have formed a new real estate alliance, combining the strength of five brokerages under a unified operating system powered by the Infinity Group. The combined organization will provide an unmatched breadth of services for home buyers and home sellers in the counties of Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, Lapeer, Genesee, Saint Clair, Washtenaw, Livingston, Kent, Ottawa, Muskegon and Newaygo.

While each company will retain its own brand identity, the Infinity Group will provide sales and marketing support, transaction management, technology support plus an array of client services and agent resources. In addition to The Delia Group and the Toth Team, brands powered by Infinity include Paint Creek Title, Keller Williams Paint Creek and Keller Williams Somerset. An insurance company and a property management company are in future expansion plans.

The new alliance builds on the market leadership demonstrated by Joe Delia of the Delia Group and Kathy Toth of the Toth Team. Each is ranked among the top one percent of REALTORS© nationally.

Joe Delia, CEO of the Delia Group and the Infinity Group, began his real estate career in 2013. By 2017, he was the Operating Principal of Keller Williams Paint Creek and Keller Williams Somerset, with $280 million in sales. His ability to capitalize on new technologies and leverage efficiencies enabled the creation of the Infinity Group, which today serves as the parent company for multiple real estate businesses. The Toth Team is the latest company to become powered by Infinity.

The Toth Team, founded by Kathy Toth, is a well-known name in greater Ann Arbor real estate, having been featured on HGTV’s “House Hunters” and endorsed by Martin Bandyke on radio 107.1. Toth has been featured in the Small Business Review and numerous other publications. With over 30 years of professional real estate experience, Toth’s skills as a real estate coach and trainer will serve a vital role in the Infinity Group.

“Kathy Toth does a phenomenal job with coaching and marketing, and her team’s performance is top-notch,” says Delia. “We’re excited to welcome her to the Infinity Group family of companies.”

For Kathy Toth, joining the Infinity Group was a confident decision. “Joe Delia knows how to make things happen,” says Toth. “He has a vision for the future, and the infrastructure to achieve that vision. We share a deep commitment to our clients and to the success of our teams. This is a win-win for everyone.”

With the Delia Group and the Toth Team powered by Infinity, both companies have charted a course for growth while ensuring that each client receives the best service in the industry. For more information, contact Stephanie Atias, Director of Operations, 248-515-4272.


Head Outdoors This October And Have Some Fun at the Blast Corn Maze in Dexter, MI

Maze PatternGreat time of year to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful fun activities going on this Fall here Washtenaw County.  Head over to the Nixon Farm in Dexter, MI. When looking for a good time, an old fashion corn maze is just the ticket.  Whether day or evening this fun outdoor activity is pure adventure.  Many of us spent time as children working our way through the maze of a picture on the page drawing from one end to the other, without having to correct our line, just to get to the finish; but doing this as an actual walk-thru activity in a Corn Field is the real deal.  Get some exercise and at the same time don’t be tricked and try not to get lost on a path that leads to a dead end. Go with a group or be sure to bring a friend and see if you can be the first to make your way through the maze to the opposite side of the field.  The corn is very tall and you should really go with the buddy system on this great adventure so as not to get lost in the corn all by yourself.  Don’t be scared because you will hear voices saying “I’m Lost” and you’ll get a little jumpy from the screams around you. Just don’t loose site of the finish line while wrapped up in this CORNY outdoor activity.

There is more to do at the Blast Corn Maze they also offer Hay Rides, Corn Box, Pumpkin Patch, Cow Train, Duck Races, Mountain of Straw, Pedal Cars and the Corn Cannon.  Fun for all ages.  Concessions are available.

The Blast Corn Maze is located at 6175 Daly Rd, Dexter, MI 48130.

The Blast Corn Maze is open at the following times:

Friday 5pm-10pm  |  Saturday 11am-10pm  | Sunday 11am-8pm  |  Mon-Sun: Big Groups by Appointment.

Pricing varies for all the different activities offered at the Blast Corn Maze – For more information regarding the Blast Corn Maze go to and have a great time.

Looking for your new home – Dexter is a great place to live and call home.  Search for homes at

Want to know what your home is worth, visit us on the web at  We look forward to hearing from call the Toth Team Worldwide Network at 734.426.6669.

Buying Luxury Real Estate in Michigan? Look No Further Than The TOTH TEAM Worldwide Network!

When we take the time to become educated on “luxury real estate” in Ann Arbor, Michigan and what defines the market, we find it is much more than extravagant homes built on large properties. Ann Arbor has a variety of eclectic, lovely, contemporary, mid-century modern, custom built homes in and around the entire city.  Beauty is exemplified in the architecture of the homes, the floor plans, the engineering, and, of course, the location.  For example; estate size homes designed and situated on the banks of the Huron River are special with exceptional views of the peaceful, winding river.  Other outstanding luxury homes  in Ann Arbor to consider are located in Ann Arbor Hills where mid-century architecture is coveted and just minutes to The University of Michigan main campus and hospitals.   These homes were designed by many famous architects adding tremendous value to the price of the homes.  Read about the influence of Mid Modern Architecture in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Buyers interested in luxury properties tend to invest their money in several different locations around the world. They realize that Ann Arbor is a perfect investment.  Ann Arbor is not only a trend setting city but is a melting pot of ethnicity bringing in luxury home buyers from all over the world.  They are discovering new locations to grow their businesses and bring their wealth.  Ann Arbor is a hot market for individuals interested in exemplary living surrounded by state-of-the-art hospitals, outstanding universities all located in a high-tech region.  Luxury buyers are happy to know they are just 30 minutes to Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW).

Luxury real estate clients love their privacy.  They want to feel safe and secure and of course, they want breathtaking views from every window in their home. With luxury properties, home owners evaluate their position while looking for homes with in-ground pools, hot tubs, proximity to parks,  playgrounds, tennis courts, or even large gardens to attract those with a creative eye. High-end amenities are a must.

When looking for your new luxury home contact the TOTH TEAM Worldwide Network.  Kathy Toth is a certified luxury real estate agent with over twenty-seven years of experience in the field and knows a quality, luxury home when she sees one. The TOTH TEAM Worldwide Network  will not let you settle for less than what you desire in your new luxury home. Click here to see luxury homes for sale in Ann Arbor, Michigan (  red

Kathy Toth has a creative, unique eye that home buyers are looking for in a real estate agent. Kathy knows what luxury home buyers are looking for and has greater responsibilities than other agents when handling these large transactions. She utilizes her strategic marketing and advertising skills to attract local and international buyers to each luxury real estate property she lists and sells through the TOTH TEAM Worldwide Network.



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Toth Team, Worldwide Network

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Kathy Toth and Team are Washtenaw County, Michigan real estate experts who will guide home buyers and sellers through the entire real estate process. Our extensive knowledge of Washtenaw County areas, combined with decades of expertise in the local real estate market is extremely valuable to helping you achieve your goals. For quality service and personal attention during your real estate transaction, contact Kathy Toth and Team for all your home buying and selling needs.

We Want to be your Real Estate Agents!

Kathy is an Associate Broker, Accredited Seller Representative, Certified Distressed Property Expert, and Certified Commercial Investment Member Candidate. To experience their website and to learn more about the team, please visit and, email [email protected], or stop into their office at 3134 Baker Road, Dexter, MI 48130.





University of Michigan Stinchfield Woods

Welcome to Stinchfield Woods! Over 700 Acres of a gorgeous nature study area in Washtenaw County. The University of Michigan owns this property and the woods also contains the Peach Mountain Observatory. Peach Mountain invites you to walk and listen.  This is a beautiful place to enjoy peace and quiet in a natural setting.  Spring flowers are a beautiful sight each year as they bloom in the Spring. Interested in finding properties located near Stinchfield Woods in Ann Arbor, Michigan or Dexter, MI? Please click here! The property is owned by the University of Michigan and managed by the Natural Resources and Environment – University of Michigan.  Peach Mountain is located within Stinchfield Woods. Interested in reading more about Peach Mountain north of Dexter MI? Please Click Here! The original body of land was acquired in two parcels resulting in over 320 acres back in 1925. Since than, the area was expanded and the property was able to do so with funds donated to the University of Michigan in memory of the Stinchfield brothers, Jacob and Charles. This land was named after them as they are descendants of the many lumberman that harvested Northern Michigan’s White Pine. For more information on Stinchfield Woods please click here! 



The University Lowbrow Astronomers welcomes all Lowbrow members and guests from the public to book Open Houses here, click here to see available dates, where you have the ability to view the stars, planets, and other amazing creations through the club’s 24″ and club members’ telescopes! Interested in Open Houses at Peach Mountain Observatory? Click Here to View Details! 




Locals love to admire mother nature as she continues to amaze us with the gorgeous plants flourishing at Stinchfield. You will not stop talking about how beautiful the stars looked – This is truly an amazing experience! Please note to be careful of the thorny rose bush that was planted to create a maintenance-free fence along Stinchfield Woods property. Often times the prickly shrub will grow into the walkways so be aware of where you are walking – Volunteers and the Natural Resources and Environment are doing their best to give attention to the invading stems. Want to stay up to date with all the events and renovations happening in Stinchfield Woods? Click here to follow them on twitter!




Rules for Public Access Use of Woods Include:

use of woods







Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 9.02.44 AM

Toth Team, Worldwide Network

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Kathy Toth and Team are Washtenaw County, Michigan real estate experts who will guide home buyers and sellers through the entire real estate process. Our extensive knowledge of Washtenaw County areas, combined with decades of expertise in the local real estate market is extremely valuable to helping you achieve your goals. For quality service and personal attention during your real estate transaction, contact Kathy Toth and Team for all your home buying and selling needs.


We Want to be your Real Estate Agents!


Kathy is an Associate Broker, Accredited Seller Representative, Certified Distressed Property Expert, and Certified Commercial Investment Member Candidate. To experience their website and to learn more about the team, please visit and, email [email protected], or stop into their office at 3134 Baker Road, Dexter, MI 48130.

School of Natural Resources and Environment. (2015). Retrieved February 11, 2016, from


The Toth Team’s Top 3 Most Recommended Books For Increasing Productivity, Growth, & Profit



When we are searching for an agent to sell or find the perfect home, we expect them to be knowledgeable of the market and to help us make the best decision possible. With the advancement of technology in today’s society we have the news right at our fingertips, but are we truly reading, or skimming over the facts? In the Wall Street Journal, “Skimming has become my brain’s default setting,” stated Cynthia Crossen, as she explained the difference between reading and skimming. Skimming is skipping over the main point to get to specific terms or concepts. This is a standard procedure that many of us do without noticing and one of the main reasons hard cover book sales have decreased.

Here at The Toth Team, we treasure the books that have taught us our values today and we would like to share our top three most recommended books for increasing productivity and growth. The Toth Team served 230 families in 2015 and we are on track to serve over 400 families THIS YEAR! Reading has several positive effects on our development and growth both inside and out of work. As we evolve and grow as a team, we must spend time discussing what has helped us grow and what has become an obstacle. We will focus on The Toth Team’s 3 favorite books: The One Thing, The 4 Disciplines of Execution, and the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.


1. The One Thing



Blank book white cover w clipping path


“What’s the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

– Gary Keller

This quote is the one single question the entire book is written around. Gary Keller is the founder of Keller-Williams Real Estate and has taken the company to the top of their industry. He not only is a remarkable leader and innovator, but also an elite author who moves individuals with his facts and results. Gary Keller and Jay Papasan insist the key to success is not to make a list or analyze your possibilities, but rather to think of that ONE Thing that is the most important thing in your life. This ONE Thing is similar to a goal or objective that you are working so hard every day for. Now once you have identified your ONE Thing and focused your vision primary on it, you must distinguish the obstacles in your way and then determine how you will overcome each and every single one of them.


2. The 4 Disciplines of Execution 


“Execution starts with focus”

– Jim Huling


Strategy is vital for every business to develop and perform effectively. Often times, individuals run into a conflict of interest and they lose focus on their strategy. Written by authors Chris McChesney, Sean Covey, and Jim Huling, these experts define and explain how learning four distinct disciplines can produce desired results. The four disciplines analyzed are the discipline of focus, the discipline of leverage, the discipline of engagement, and the discipline of accountability. The concept whirlwind is discussed and there are several solutions given on how to control and handle our massive amounts of energy. It’s important to remain calm and focus our energy on what is high priority and vital to accomplish for that day.


3. 5 Dysfunctions of a Team



“Successful teamwork is not about mastering subtle, sophisticated theories, but rather about combining common sense with uncommon levels of discipline and persistence. Ironically, teams succeed because they are exceedingly human. By acknowledging the imperfections of their humanity, members of functional teams overcome the natural tendencies that make teamwork so elusive.”

-Patrick Lencioni


It is a challenge to meet a group a strangers and the next moment call them your teammates. How do we learn to adjust to working in a team and managing it effectively? We must first recognize our five main problems with working in a group and then we must develop solutions to these. Patrick Lencioni is an American writer and lover of business management. He is famous for this book and the founder/president of the Table Group, a management consulting firm primarily focused on organizational/team health. He believes that the first step in a group is to reduce the misunderstanding and confusions by addressing the five most common dysfunctions individuals have: Absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability, and inattention to results.


Would you like to join a team that truly CARES about your individual development and your success? Call The Toth Team today!


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Toth Team, Worldwide Network

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Kathy Toth and Team are Washtenaw County, Michigan real estate experts who will guide home buyers and sellers through the entire real estate process. Our extensive knowledge of Washtenaw County areas, combined with decades of expertise in the local real estate market is extremely valuable to helping you achieve your goals. For quality service and personal attention during your real estate transaction, contact Kathy Toth and Team for all your home buying and selling needs.

We Want to be your Real Estate Agents!



  • Crossen, C. (2011, October 17). Skimming vs. Reading. Retrieved February 02, 2016, from
  • Keller, G. (2013). The One Thing. London, UK: Hachette Book Group.
  • McChesney, C., Covey, S., & Huling, J. (n.d.). The 4 disciplines of execution: Achieving your wildly important goals.
  • Lencioni, P., & Okabayashi, K. (2008). The five dysfunctions of a team: An illustrated leadership fable. Singapore: John Wiley & Sons (Asia).


Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Guten Tag! Dia dhuit! Xin Chao! Parev! Hei!

So let me guess…you’ve heard hundred of unbelievable stories about the gorgeous State of Michigan but you’re not quite sure where to start looking for adownload home yet, am I right? Well you’ve found the place to be! The Toth Team is here to use our diverse resources and assets to help YOU find the home that you deserve. Your needs are just as important as ours and we want you to feel comfortable and secure in your new home. We will do anything it takes to find you the right home in the right area. Change is not easy, so take a deep breath and relax because you are now in the best hands possible!

Ann Arbor, Michigan is home to the University of Michigan! We are proud to cheer on our Football Team in Ann Arbor’s brand new stadium! There is no place quite like Ann Arbor on a fall Saturday afternoon when the leaves on the trees are a breathtaking mixture of gold, orange, red and yellow and every house on the block is hosting a welcoming tailgate party before the football game. Michigan’s Stadium symbolizes pride for locals and we would like you to join in on the action! We have sold homes to many local and foreign investors who are interested in living near the University of Michigan and they are thrilled with their new homes, and we know you will be too!

TUM_Night_Game-thumb-590x391-111818he Toth Team has mapped out every square inch of this town and we are experts at this field! The market is hot and you don’t want to miss out – this is the time and place to buy! We are willing to market your home in native languages globally and go the extra mile that other agencies will not. Foreign investment in the US residential real estate market have grown 35% in the last year to more than 92.2 billion dollars, and we want you to get a piece of that pie! The Toth Team takes ADVANTAGE of global marketing for our listings. This is important to get your listing maximum exposure worldwide.

Michigan is full of opportunities and with that comes growth! The Toth Team is continuing to grow and improve daily with new technology and effective test methods. We want you to make your own memories here in Ann Arbor, with us! Kathy Toth and Team works hard with Keller Williams Realty to provide homes and excellent customer service you won’t find anywhere else!


Remember, we can assist with all your Ann Arbor Area Real Estate needs. Contact us today so we can help you find the home of your dreams!

For your current and the most comprehensive Ann Arbor Area Real Estate market information including absorption rates for Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter and Saline click here.  Keep up-to-date on your local neighborhood and have the report sent directly to your email inbox.

Call the Ann Arbor Real Estate Experts at (734) 426-6669.  We are here to help you achieve your Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter, and Saline Real Estate goals.



Kathy Toth and Team, Keller Williams Realty

Written by Kathy Toth




Lori Rigato of W4 Country Visits the TOTH TEAM and Stars in her own Money Magnet Video

Our own Lori Rigato, visited the TOTH TEAM last Thursday, May 14, 2015.  The TOTH TEAM is proud to be affiliated with Lori who is the Radio co-host for the morning radio show Breakfast with Bubba weekdays 6:00-10:00 AM on 102.9 W4 Country.  Lori is a major Money Magnet for W4 Country and we have proof –  Lori, say it again! “I am a Money Magnet!”

Thank you Lori Rigato for Visiting the TOTH TEAM Thursday, May 14, 2015
Thank you Lori Rigato for Visiting the TOTH TEAM Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lori Rigato is a great sport and good friend. She has lived in Michigan her entire life and you may see her driving around on her new Harley-Davidson cruising and listening to Country Music.  She keeps the show rolling right along every morning delivering news, traffic and lots of fun throughout the broadcast.   Thank you, Lori, for stopping by. The Toth Team has a teriffic partnership with W4 Country and we look forward to continued community involvement and support in the Ann Arbor area.

Do you want to know what your home is worth? – just type in your address to Find Out What My Home Is Worth.  Search for current homes on the market at  If you have any questions regarding Selling Your Home or Buying your New Home – just give us a call TOTH TEAM – Worldwide Network – 734.426.6669.



Fairy Door Popularity in Ann Arbor and the Surrounding Communities

Can you imagine finding a tiny little door about 6 to 8 inches high mounted anywhere on your property? Fairy Door Lovers can certainly imagine having just such an adorable, little, tiny door embellish their property, especially in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Why would a business like to have a Fairy Door?  Because they are so cute. They draw you in and make you feel happy. Some doors are inside the buildings and when you see them for the first time you think of all the creativity and imagination it took someone to construct such a remarkable little door and you smile. I always want to open the tiny little door to see what’s inside.

FairyDoorPicJonathan B. Wright, of has been living with fairy doors in his Ann Arbor home since the mid- 1990’s, when the kids in his wife’s day-care discovered one under the stairway. Jonathan installed the first door at Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea in Ann Arbor back in 2005. Within one week the whimsical little door was removed and once again the door appeared.  Read: Opening the secrets behind Ann Arbor’s famed fairy doors, Jen McKee, .  And See more pics of the little portals around Ann Arbor in an article written by Messy Nessy, The Town with a Subculture of Secret Tiny Doors.  The doors flourished between 2005 and 2008 because of Jonathan and other Fairy Door Lovers. New doors have opened and some old doors have closed over the years.

The doors continue to pop up in Ann Arbor and in neighboring towns.  No matter who creates the door they each begin with a lot of thought and creativity.  For instance, the door at the Ann Arbor Public Library is located on the Fairy Tale and Folklore bookshelf inside the library. Hans Christian Andersen would be so happy knowing children might then be reading his collection of 80 Fairy Tales for children.  How about a “Giggle” logo that can be found on the Fairy Door at the Google office in Ann Arbor.

fairy sghtingWhat do people leave at the doorstep of these adorable little doors?  Good-natured children and adults will leave pennies, notes, trinkets, tiny toys and feathers, any other tiny objects.  The carpenters building the fairy doors will construct them so the doors open and shut, out of materials such as wood, metal, ceramic, and brick. Some will even have a sash that actually pulls up and down letting you know if the store is open or closed.

Popularity is growing for the Fairy Doors beyond the city of Ann Arbor. If you know where there is a public Fairy Door hiding – let us know where it is so we can share in your joy.

Doors were meant to be opened.  Let us help you open the door to your new home. We can assist you through the entire buying process. To search for your new home go to:  If you are thinking selling, contact the TOTH TEAM for further at 734.426.6669 or [email protected].

The Lap of Luxury – Woodlands of Geddes Glen, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

If you are looking to lavish yourself in luxury, the Woodlands of Geddes Glen, located on Ann Arbor’s East side, is the place for you. Toll Brothers of Michigan are very busy building right here in the Ann Arbor area.    The Woodlands of Geddes Glen is an all new, exclusive,  absolutely spectacular luxury home development in Superior Township just off Geddes Road.  This new Development overlooks The University of Michigan Radrick Farms Golf Course. The Woodlands of Geddes Glen is a gated community consisting of 32 luxury residential homes sites. Toll Brothers homes are highlighted by grand proportions, soaring 2-story interior spaces,  energy efficient features, detailed finishes and my favorite – pleanty of natural light.  Toll Brothers prides themselves in more than just building homes, they take pride in creating communities. What a perfect opportunity to work with the Toth Team and the Builder to pick your dream elevation, floorplan, and customizations.

Take a sneak peek at the interior of the Toll Brothers Model Home in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

There are 6 models available to choose from where you can bring your own personal, creative ideas to the blueprintt at the “Woodlands of Geddes Glen – Design your Own Home Program  has a limited offer. We can assist you in working with the designers to incorporate your personal flare, and your custom features into personalizing the design of your new custom home.

No doubt, it is true, every builder in the Ann Arbor area goes all out to put their best foot forward when it comes to building their model home. Some do so better than others and from our experience Toll Brothers is right at the top of the list for building beautiful luxury homes. We would love the opportunity to help you build one of their homes. To schedule an appointment or to find out more information about this luxury community, contact us at 734.426.6669. We can’t wait to assist you in getting started.

Toll Brothers was recently named national Builder of the Year by BUILDER magazine, and was twice named national Builder of the Year by Professional Builder magazine.

Toll Brothers is currently building in 19 states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

For More Information about Buying or Selling Your Ann Arbor Home

If you’d like more information about buying or selling your house in Ann Arbor, feel free to contact us with any questions.  Call 734.426.6669

Contact Us to List or Sell Your House


Dexter Michigan 2014 Real Estate Recap

DexterSkatingDexter, Michigan 2014 Real Estate Recap.  December 2013 vs. December 2014 the number of Sold properties is up 26%.  What an outstanding time to list your home for sale.  Buyers are ready; willing; and pre-approved.  With inventory low, and prices high, some properties are receiving multiple offers. If you are thinking of selling your home, don’t hesitate, put your property on the market now and take advantage of all the great buyers looking to purchase.  There is more competition for homes, and buyers are still taking advantage of the low interest rates. This is really a great time to Sell or Purchase a new home.  Talk to the real estate experts at the Toth and Team – your Ann Arbor Real Estate Experts – Call 734.426.6669.


For Sale Properties by Month Dec. 2013 Vs. December 2014 were down.  Inventory for Fore Sale Properties was down rounding to 7%


Number of for sale properties was down 7% and the number of units sold was high, up 26% over last years December recap.



 December -2013 vs December 2014 – The median price of For Sale Properties is up 13% and the Median Price of Sold Properties is up 51%.  Dexter homeowners continue to see confidence in the list and sell market.  Great news for Dexter homeowners.