What You Need to Know About New Construction Before You Buy

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Today, we are joined by Randy Surline, a senior sales partner at Allen Edwin Homes. Randy has years of building experience, so he’ll answer a few questions that you should always ask a builder when buying new construction.

Allen Edwin Homes has been building in Michigan for 22 years. Currently, they build about 200 homes a year in Southeast Michigan. Allen Edwin provides great energy efficiency, high-quality workmanship, and they follow up with their clients after the sale and the build.


As far as cost goes, the buyer controls the price. When Allen Edwin comes in, we make sure the area makes sense, the community makes sense, and everything fits comfortably within their budget. Once that is settled, anything above that price is selected by the buyer from our showroom, or structurally for the home.

Another concern when building is the timeline. The nice thing is that in Southeast Michigan, there are about 60 or 70 spec homes in progress, which allows buyers to move in quicker. If you’re building from scratch, Allen Edwin uses a slotting process so that the buyer knows when the house will be done within a two-month window.

If you are interested in new builds, give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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