5 Best-Kept Secrets to Selling Your Home

In today’s age, you can find tons of online resources about selling your house, but it’s rare to see any real estate agent giving away their best-kept secrets. After seeing clients succeed (and some fail), I can tell you confidently there are a few tricks you can employ to get buyers truly interested in your house. What it takes is a little market knowledge and understanding the types of people looking. So below, read my 5 best-kept secrets to selling a house in Ann Arbor, MI:

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1. First Impressions Mean Everything

From the time the buyer walks from their car to your front door, they have already judged your house. You literally have 6 seconds before a buyer either thinks: “This house is ugly and terrible” or “This house is beautiful. I’m excited to see inside.” People judge books by their cover, which is why you need to make sure your house is likable and welcoming. For example, spruce up the exterior, add some flowers, and eliminate any flaws. Make the entryway appealing too – by adding a vase of flowers or a small bench for utility purposes.

2. Set a Price Buyers Gravitate Towards

Most people start their home search online, and the first parameter they set is the price range. If your home isn’t priced correctly, barely anyone will ever see your house online. If the property is priced higher than average, buyers might look at more affordable homes before yours, making it hard to get anyone in the door (to look).

So, make sure you set a price that people naturally gravitate towards. Pricing your home slightly below the market average will certainly generate interest, but before you make any decision, look at the market data and consult your real estate agent.

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3. Half-Empty Closets Show You Have Space

I have heard this advice a dozen times: “Remove any clutter in your house.” The problem this usually generates is buyers take that “clutter” and stuff it in their closets. They forget buyers look in those areas to see how much room they’ll have – and if it’s stuffed with junk, buyers will think you have no room. To demonstrate there’s plenty of storage space in your house, pack most of your stuff into moving boxes (since you’ll be moving anyways) and leave a few items in the closet to show how it’s housed. This will leave a positive impact on buyers.

4. Remodeling Isn’t Necessary to Sell for Top Dollar

Buyers often think they need to remodel their kitchen or bathroom in order to sell their house for top dollar. In reality, remodeling will typically cost more than what you’ll earn back. The simplest solution is to upgrade what really needs fixing and add some cosmetic touches. Changing out fixtures, door handles, and faucets can have the same impact as doing a full remodel, but at a fraction of the cost.

5. Sell the Lifestyle

Almost every other day, I come across an article or agent who suggests removing any personalization in the house (i.e. remove the “home” out of the property). Though I agree that excessive family photos on the fridge aren’t the most appealing factor when selling, it doesn’t mean you should take out the lifestyle in the house. For example, if you have a utility space to hold your snow skis and recreational equipment, you should up-sell that point. People moving to the area probably enjoy a similar lifestyle, and that could be a unique selling advantage you have over others.

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