The Secret to Selling Your Southeastern Michigan Home

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How you price your home will have a direct impact on how many buyers, showings, and offers you attract. It will also impact how easily it sells.

The location of your home is obviously fixed, and can work for or against you in pricing. The market doesn’t care what your home originally cost nor how much money you need for it. With these restrictions, what can you do to get the price you want?

The condition of your home can be improved by a staging consultation or a full-on staging service, which will help you present your home in its best light in order to create a positive first impression for buyers. Talk to your agent for more details about staging.

Price is evaluated like fishing. When you drop the line down and you don’t get any bites, it’s probably because you need to change the lure or move your line. If you d1.27rop your line down deeper, or move to where the school of fish is, you’re probably going to get some bites. Home selling is quite similar; pricing is ongoing, based on market feedback of your condition, your current competition, and the time of year. Pay attention to the competition that is ongoing, pay attention to what is recently sold, and be aware of shifting markets. 

If and when the showing activity on your home goes down, and the neighbor’s price has declined, be aware — this is a vital situation. We track all of our showings, and after selling almost 3,000 homes, we know how to guide you in getting to the sweet spot to generate an offer! 

If you want home selling assistance, or if you have real estate questions of any kind, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to hear from you!

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