The Ins and Outs of Buying from Abroad

Ann Arbor along with the rest of the United States has experienced a major increase over the past few years in international purchases. With the appreciation of foreign currency we are facilitating more and more overseas purchases having to do with moving for work, educational opportunity, children or investment. Our team has focused on being the resident Ann Arbor experts in order to help you conduct your home purchase from far away.

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Opportunities in Ann Arbor

You may be searching real estate in Ann Arbor for many reasons and will find yourself surrounded by a diverse residential community due to the influx in technological employment and educational opportunities at the University of Michigan. Several homebuyers are also searching for properties for their children attending undergraduate or graduate programs at the University of Michigan. Whether you are moving for professional and/or educational purposes, or even buying for your children or for an investment, the potential definitely exists here in Ann Arbor with properties ranging from condos to town homes, to single family homes, large estates and more.

Why Invest in Ann Arbor

The increase in property values over the past few years, coupled with the appreciation of foreign currency, a purchase in the U.S. and Ann Arbor in particular is financially a good move. Aside from this detail, Ann Arbor itself is growing leaps and bounds with a youthful population and surge in technology companies creating a wonderful residential atmosphere. The fantastic downtown district has endless dining, entertainment and property options right in the middle of it all. The University helps to maintain growth and property values with both international and local residents alike due to the turnaround in students and educational professionals at the end of their time here.

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Navigating the Process

Three out of 33 homes in the United States are now sold to international buyers. We are now well versed in selling to buyers from all over the world and can gladly help every step of the way from the home search itself to navigating the purchase and closing. We have preferred lenders at the ready along with native speaking lenders of several languages who are versed in translating documents and U.S. money requirements.

Investing in Your Children

Whether they are in undergraduate or graduate school at the University of Michigan, purchasing a home for their time here or as an opportunity for you to be closer are both wonderful options. Especially if you are abroad, being close to your children or having the peace of mind that they are living in a good home is invaluable. We can help you find this peace of mind through several properties perfect for students and located within steps of their campus.

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Why put a large chunk of money towards your children’s rent every month or thousands of dollars on visits when you can make a sound financial investment instead? With the Ann Arbor real estate market prime for investment whether it is short or long term there is a demand in Ann Arbor. Your money goes farther in the U.S. and it will be well spent on a home, condo or property for your child while they attend school. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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