Let me start with Donna. Donna is a fantastic person to work with

Let me start with Donna. Donna is a fantastic person to work with. She was always there 100% of the time keeping me up to date of whatever was going on. She made things happen (I am sure you knew about our situation). Donna was a very calming influence and always delivered what she said she was going to. I know she the person behind the scenes, but an incredible asset. Donna would be a 10/10, every single email I have ever sent to her, she responded immediately with a well thought out and correct answer. Now on to Brian. Lets start from the very beginning…. When my family was going to be in the area, I did some online research about Ann Arbor real estate agents and I saw many positive feedback about your team. I wasn’t looking for an agent or a team that stressed volume and x number of millions in sales, I was looking for someone who cared about their customers and their needs. I sent an email to the generic email asking to speak to someone about the area and was interested in an area tour and seeing some houses. Within a day, I received an email from Brian saying he could help and asked what we were looking for. After a few emails and texts, I learned he was in Hawaii and doing this. We were impressed that someone would email and text from such a destination. We shared what we were looking for and what type of area we were looking for. We met Brian at the Ann Arbor office and he took us out and gave us an area tour.We learned pretty quickly that he had our best interests at heart and was very proud of the area (this was before we knew he was a morning radio person). We then met Joel who took us to a few houses because Brian had another commitment. The houses that Brian picked for us, were generally what we asked for. Each house had a fundamental flaw and Brian took note of the issues. The flaws were things that there was no way he could have known. Brian then called the next day and we set up a time to see a few more houses and he took some time to refine his list. Brian took us out to 7 houses that day, and I will say with 100% certainty, they were better houses and he took the time to learn from us…. Long story short, he showed us the house we eventually bought. Throughout the offer process, Brian was helpful and on top of his game especially with us being 550 miles away. He made that process simple. Towards the end, there was a snafu with my credit report and an underwriter issue, Brian kept the selling agent in the know and kept the situation under control. He was a great asset to have. All of the effort he put forth, was appreciated and did not go unnoticed. I would not hesitate to use or recommend Brian to anyone. Fantastic person and a great person to have on your side. Up until the very end, the process was 100% smooth and when it got bumpy, he made it not so bumpy for us. Fantastic person and would highly recommend him to anyone.