I highly recommend Kathy Toth and her expert Real Estate Team

Ypsilanti, MI.

When my husband lost his job, he ended accepting a job out of the country and we had to make a big move. Unfortunately, like so many of our Michigan neighbors, the value of our home in Ypsilanti Township plummeted when the real estate market crashed. We just had no idea how much until we were forced to sell it.

The first Realtor we met with us recommended we try to sell our house for over $50,000 more than what the “comps” were in our neighborhood. Had we heeded her advice, it could have cost us thousands and thousands of dollars, our house would likely have never have sold, and would have sat empty while we were in another country. We could have easily ended up with a foreclosure on our credit record.

Then we called Kathy Toth; we hear her on the radio… she sat down with us at our kitchen table, reviewed our situation, and then explained to us what a short sale was and why it made sense for us. And as hard as it was to hear, she gently but firmly revealed to us how much our house was really worth. A short sale absolutely was the best option for us.

So, we chose the Kathy Toth Team – and they were AMAZING! They generated a TON of excitement and activity, and because of them we were able to get our house sold within a very short time. In fact they had offers on the table in the first month! They kept us totally “in the loop”, and diligently handled everything, including submitting offers directly to our lender, and even handled the closing for us … all while we were on the other side of the globe trying to start a new life.

The new buyers took ownership, and we are now completely out from under the financial burden of our housewith no obligation to the bank. Kathy Toth’s “over-the-top”, hard-working, real estate experts just got it done! Thank you Kathy – because of you we are able to start over with a “clean slate” !

I highly recommend Kathy Toth and her expert Real Estate Team … I am so glad we called them!