Tech Brewery Facilitates Ann Arbor Tech Growth

Ann Arbor’s Northern Brewery provide’s room for innovation and production not necessarily intended by the original 1886 owner, Herman Hardinghaus. Hardinghaus’ intentions may have been more of the bottled variety, but the technology spewing from Ann Arbor as a result of the Tech Brewery is overwhelming. Over thirty local businesses make use of the desk and office space at Ann Arbor’s Tech Brewery off of Jones Drive. Founder and internet security entrepreneur, Dug Song, along with the brewery’s current owner, Doug Smith, utilized the former brewery’s 2,000 square feet of office space to create a community. The members of this community are innovative locals who might otherwise not have the resources or community atmosphere elsewhere. The Tech Brewery acts as a stepping stone for small businesses and allows for a team atmosphere in such a competitive industry.

Several meet-ups and hangouts are held in the space on a weekly and monthly basis in order to help startups housed at the brewery and around Ann Arbor. “Mobile Mondays” is an event that facilitates mobile startup conversation and the in-house tech oriented law firm offers Friday Startup Law office hours. Weekly Beer30 happy hours at the brewery only scratch the surface of how this is not just office space, but a home for businesses and their members.

The majority of the operation consists of open area desk space with a few private offices available. Shared desk fees start at $50 per month and a dedicated desks start at $200 a month with key access to the building. All monthly members receive access to wifi, conference rooms and member activities. Contact the Tech Brewery for further rental information and event listings. 1327 Jones Drive | [email protected]

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