Spring Cleaning: Home Projects That Sell

Deciding to sell your home can be a difficult choice, especially when you’ve spent years calling it home. You’ve probably invested a lot of money and a lot of heart into your house as well. Having strangers come inside and look around personal spaces can be emotionally challenging. And when they try to make a lower offer than what you think the house is worth, it can be heartbreaking.

However, spring is around the corner. The weather is turning for the better and temperatures are starting to heat up. It’s a great time to start cleaning and committing to those must-do repairs. If you need motivation, think money. Simple do-it-yourself projects like changing out fixtures or adding a fresh coat of paint can add tremendous “sell” value to your home. It not only drives up your home’s value, but it appeals to buyers. A good house is no use if it doesn’t attract offers.

ann arbor foyer
by Dunlap Design Group LLC

So, here are some simple home projects you can do to increase the value of your house:

1. Create an Inviting Entrance – If you’re selling your house, you have 8 seconds to impress a buyer – and those 8 seconds are usually spent in the front entrance. That’s why this should be your first upgrade. Creating a welcoming entrance and upgrading your foyer is a big impression point. Simple additions like wall decorations and adding a new finish to the floors can really change your front hallway.

2. Change Out Old Fixtures – Taking out old lighting fixtures and switching out faucets can be simple details that secretly persuade buyers to make an offer. They’re so small of a fix that most people don’t completely register them as a huge addition, but the effect is incredibly strong. It’s the details that reinforce the idea that your home is luxurious, and that means money.

3. The Illusion of Space – Not everyone owns a large home. Some have limited space to work with and have a difficult time dealing with it. Children running around and things cluttering up can drastically affect your living experience, but there are easy tricks to turning buyers’ minds. One is increasing the amount of natural light coming into your home. Drawing back curtains and opening up windows can really brighten the area, and change perspective of size. Other things you can do are painting the walls is soft colors, so you don’t subtract from the lighting, and utilize furniture. Chests can serve as great coffee table and remove a lot of clutter.

Selling Your Home in Ann Arbor

If you’re really looking to make more than what your home is worth, then these simple home projects are your answer. They’re easy to do and serve as a great activity during the spring months. Give them a try and see what other homes are going for sale in Ann Arbor (click here). Once you’ve finished upgrading your home and done a little bit of research, you’ll be ready to sell.

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