Selling By Summer’s End in Ann Arbor

When things get hot, people spend money on everything from lemonade to real estate. The summertime is the perfect time to sell in Ann Arbor, especially because the area is filled with families who are looking to close on a home before the more uncomfortable weather of the fall and winter hit. In order to make your home look and feel its best in order to sell before the end of the summer season, a few small touches go a long way. There are, however, some tips that are well known to real estate pros that may give you an edge on the market.

Ann Arbor Real Estate

Move-In Ready or Bust

People do not want to spend their summer months waiting for a home. They want to enjoy it. Make the investment that will ensure that your home is move-in ready. Have it sprayed for bugs if need be, fix the plumbing and infrastructure, and paint or strip old wallpaper and outdated decor. Any small fix you can do in order to make your home better prepared for buyers is a good way to go.

How to Sell Your Home

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Keep the air up slightly higher than normal in order to make your visitors as comfortable as they can be. Stage the house with neutral colors that complement both the natural light your home has along with facilitating future homebuyers’ tastes. Make sure that the house is dusted so that when you open it up, everything will shine like it is brand new.

Your curb appeal is essential. Perhaps one of the best investments that you can make in a real estate sale is in professional lawn service that maintains the yard consistently until the place is sold. If your neighbors have messy yards consider offering to mow their lawn as well because future home buyers are looking at the total package, not just your home.

Maintain Good Relationships

It is important to make people feel welcome in their search. Have a cold drink ready for the people who will be visiting your home. You may think that this does not say anything about your house directly, but it never hurts to give off a welcoming vibe.

There is no reason to gloss over the inevitable shortcomings of the house if you have performed your due diligence by making the proper improvements, or included a maintenance allowance within the price. Let people know what they will be getting for the price. There are certain truths about a home you can let people know, especially if you have done your research in the local area. Owning your property’s shortcomings is much more effective than hiding them.

Your home will sell if you make it look its best for your potential buyers. A little bit of hospitality goes a long way; let your buyers know that you care about your home, their comfort and the process, and you should have no trouble at all moving property in Ann Arbor. For more information and help in selling your property by the end of the summer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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