Pricing Your Home Correctly in Ann Arbor

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On average, 60 percent of potential buyers look at properties that are priced at market value from the beginning. If you price it 10 percent above market value, 30 percent of buyers will look at it. If you price it 15 percent above, only 10 percent will look at it. Similarly, if you price it 10 percent below market value, 75 percent of buyers will look at it, and so on.

When you work with Toth Team Worldwide Network to sell your house, we’ll give you examples of the competition, both active and recently sold. We also explain the pros and cons of listing over, under and at the suggested sale price. For example, at the suggested sale price, buyers will notice your home, your home will be found easier in searches, it will bring buyers in, and you won’t have issues with an appraisal.

Whether it’s a buyer’s market, seller’s market or balanced market also makes an impact on home prices. You can find more information about all of this, along with graphs to help you understand it, in this Pricing It Right pamphlet we’ve created for you.

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