Planning to Move – You May Qualify for a Tax Deduction – Keep Your Receipts

Whether you are making the move to or from the Ann Arbor market area find out if you qualify to take a tax deduction for moving.  Take the preliminary test to see if you qualify.  First read the publication 521 to see if your move meets the qualifications of time, distance, and job then see if you can deduct the expenses.  If you qualify, review the expenses you can deduct and the list of non-deductible expenses.  Be sure to keep all your receipts and calculate your miles.

The cost of moving your furniture will be a deduction, but don’t purchase any new furniture while in route to your new locations because that furniture will not be tax deductible.

1.  Who can take moving expenses? 

2.  Move Related to Start of  Work 

3.  Take the Distance Test;

4.  Time Test.

5.  Special instructions apply if you are in the military and making the move.

There are many other rules and regulations in the publication that could apply to your move.  We want our buyers and sellers to be informed. Document your next move and you may be able to qualify for a Tax Deduction.  Always seek the advice from your Tax Attorney, Certified Public Accountant or Tax Adviser  for current rules and regulations to see if you qualify for a tax deduction on your next move.  Rules and regulations are always subject to change.

Photo below is from IRS Publication 521. Move Related to Start of Work

Tax Distance chart

Photo below is from Time Test IRS Publication 521

Can You Deduct Expenses

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