One Day Snowed In Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor has its share of snow during the winter months and it’s not uncommon to be snowed in from time to time. But as the weather comes and goes, you need to make the best of every situation – this one being your home. Having the right house means you’ll have plenty to do in case you ever do get snowed in. Here’s a short list of in-home activities you can try:

1. Bake Cookies in Your Kitchen – As the snow storms around you, there’s no better activity that warms up the heart and belly than baking cookies. The smell of the cookie dough baking slowly in the heated oven is a mouth-watering event. And when it’s time to take them out, there’s no greater feeling of enjoyment. Warm, melt-in-your-mouth cookies are a true counter to snow.


2. Play Board Games in the Living Room – Families can easily get bored when they’re locked in the house, so one good activity to bring everyone together is by playing a board game. The best place, in my opinion, is in the living room – especially if you have a fireplace. Letting the warmth of the fire keep you toasting while challenging your family members is an unforgettable experience. It really transforms you Ann Arbor home into a lovable memory.

3. Take a Hot Bath–One of the greatest relaxing experiences anyone can have in their house is a hot bath. Sinking into a tub full of warm water, knowing you don’t have to get out until you’re ready is the perfect activity for beating the snow. Nothing melts the winter away than an old-fashioned hot bath.

Living in Ann Arbor

Finding the right home is key to living in Ann Arbor. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a mediocre house with the snow trapping you inside. Make the best out of your living and discover your dream home today. It’ll work wonders in the winter!

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