Map of Ann Arbor Schools

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Ann Arbor Public School District

Ann Arbor School District’s mission is to provide quality education and inspire students to become lifelong learners. They’ve also initiated a new program, called “Eliminating the Achievement Gap” to reduce the difference in learning levels between schools. Their focus on improving schools has met individual students’ needs and drastically reduced the gap in learning. Here are some bullet points about their program:

  • Align K-12 curriculum to set students on a career path and prepare them for college
  • Raise learning expectations in mathematics, English, Language Arts, and Science
  • Build on Ann Arbor’s community, creating partnerships with neighborhoods and local universities

Ann Arbor Public Schools District Map

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PreK-Elementary Schools

Abbot | Allen | Angell | Ann Arbor Open School | Ann Arbor Preschool & Family Center | Bach | Bryant | Burns Park | Carpenter | Dicken | Eberwhite | Haisley | King | Lakewood | Lawton | Logan | Mitchell | Northside | Pattengill | Pittsfield | Thurston | Wines

Middle Schools

Clague | Forsythe | Scarlett | Slauson | Tappan

High Schools

A2 Tech | Clemente | Community | Huron | Pioneer | Skyline

Administrative Buildings & Other Programs

Balas Administration Building | Community Education & Recreation (Rec&Ed) | First Steps Ann Arbor


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