Kathy Toth Attends Coaching Skills Camp

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Coaching Mastery in Austin Texas with Keller Williams Realty

Kathy Toth has completed an intensive Coaching Skills Mastery Camp in Austin Texas, led by industry leaders Dianna and Shon Kokoszka of Keller Williams Realty. Keller Williams offers unparalleled career growth and lifelong learning opportunities in the real estate industry, such as professional career coaching. Coaching includes a variety of performance programs, delivered in one-on-one and group coaching formats.

The value of professional coaching for real estate professionals cannot be overstated. Studies show that REALTORS® who hire coaches are 300 percent more like to succeed in building and maintaining their business volume.

Toth has also aligned with a National Association of REALTORS® training partner to coordinate home buyer classes in multi-national corporations. Many employers are looking to provide added value to employee benefits, such as real estate seminars. The seminars help employees save money when buying or selling a home. Kathy Toth and the Toth Team, Worldwide Network are adept at providing these classes.

“We are truly fortunate to have Kathy Toth at our Ann Arbor Market Center,” says Debi Gould, a Keller Williams Team Leader. “The Toth Team, Worldwide Network is a high-performing group. Their success is a product of ongoing education, dedicated coaching and local expertise.”

The Ann Arbor Keller Williams Market Center regularly hosts classes and networking events for real estate industry professionals. By learning the latest industry insights, trends, marketing strategies and skills, attendees obtain expert methods to propel their careers.

Toth has been in the real estate coaching business for many years, coaching with nationally-acclaimed leaders such as Bob Corcoran since 2005. Toth attributes much of her career growth to coaching and surrounding herself with like-minded professionals. “I’m excited about the future,” says Toth. “After 26 years in the real estate industry, I remain passionate about this business. I look forward to sharing the latest techniques in professional coaching with area agents. It will bring tangible benefits to agents and clients alike!”



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