How to Provide Exceptional Real Estate Services

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Real estate is a relationship-based industry. It takes time and effort to earn repeat clients and referrals. In fact, 45% of our business is from past clients through referrals!

We’re committed to provide five-star, world-class service with each customer always. Nobody is perfect and that’s why we always seek to improve our experience delivery, based on constructive feedback. Let’s look at five steps we find most important.

  1. Let empathy be our guide. Having empathy implies the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and understand their feelings. A real estate transaction is a big deal and it’s always personal. Asking questions allows us to communicate, problem-solve, resolve, and at the very least make the client feel understood.
  2. Be engaged and responsive. Clients expect and need follow up in a timely manner. We prioritize following up.
  3. Always communicate how the client prefers to. Efficient communication is highly underrated in a high speed world of “lol” and “omg.” We come from a servant’s heart, and our communication leaves a strong impression on our clients.
  4. Go the extra mile. Clients deserve a “wow” moment whenever possible. We like to anticipate the needs of our clients. This can be as simple as providing additional information that was not requested.
  5. Show appreciation. We’re nothing without clients, so express gratitude to our clients for choosing to work with us. For example, we host client parties to build personal connections w3.2.16ith our clients and become a lifelong resource.
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