How to Obtain a Pre-Approval and Plan your New Home Purchase

You should talk with a lender(s) (ideally in the market that you intend to purchase*) before starting the search for your new home.  A good lender will help guide you through the ever- changing mortgage application/approval process, let you know how much you can afford, check your credit (and help increase credit scores if needed).  Obtaining a pre-approval upfront will set you on a positive course in the home-buying process and give you and your realtor confidence that financing will be available once you’ve found your dream home!

Tip:*Talking directly with a local lender who lives and works in the community has advantages over trying to obtain financing via phone/internet.  A lender whom you have the ability to meet with face-to-face and who’ll attend the closing is more likely to be accountable throughout the process (and give you the best deal).  It’s always a good idea to talk to 2-3 lenders

Choosing your Lender (what to look for):

  1. Good communication upfront.  Communication will be critical throughout the approval process, if the lender is difficult to reach or doesn’t call back…not a good sign
  2. Questions? A good lender will ask you many questions from the start.  Loan approvals and the financing for which you’ll qualify have an increasing number of variables, it’s impossible to give a borrower good information without asking the questions.
  3. Details. Ask the lender to provide a detailed estimate of closing costs, interest rate, monthly payment, and cash-to-close.
  4. Competitive Financing. You should know if you’re qualifying for the best possible rate/terms or if there’s something you could do to get a better deal
  5. What’s the Plan? You should have a clear game plan for the approval process and know what to expect.  There are many “do’s” and “don’ts” during the process you should know about.

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