How to Compete with New Construction

In Ann Arbor today, new construction is booming for both businesses and residential real estate. The entirety of Washtenaw County has had an increase all spring of residential building permits. In turn, these booms in construction pose challenges to homeowners hoping to sell their pre-owned homes. Even though there are challenges, there are also several downsides to buying new construction. The key is to appeal to buyers through your pricing and charm of your existing home. 

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New Home Construction Helps Existing Home Sales

Although it seems like new home construction would take first place in the Ann Arbor home sales market, it is actually great news for sellers of existing homes. According to Ann Arbor New Construction News, new home building permits are still only a fraction of what they were in the years 2004 through 2006. The numbers say new home construction is in the midst of recovering as opposed to a construction boom. This activity is also delivering jobs and paying consumers. Still, for sellers of resale homes, the perceived competition is frustrating when home sales are just getting back on their feet.

How to Sell Your Home

Advantages of Resale Homes

An existing home is preferred by many home buyers over new construction. Home sellers have success by promoting the qualities of resale homes that cannot be matched by newly constructed homes such as established landscaping, proximity to downtown areas and pricing.

  • Established neighborhoods are more inviting. The mature trees in both public and private areas provide shade and beauty.
  • Resale homes are sometimes more move-in ready. Landscaping, window coverings, patios and fencing are in place and ready to be enjoyed. Brand new homes often require a wait time before you can move-in or the neighborhoods still have quite some time before the landscaping matures.
  • There is a higher chance of established homes to be in closer proximity to amenities or near parks and schools that are sometimes in walking distance.
  • There are no unexpected costs from upgrades or add-ons throughout the building process.

The Best Real Estate Agent for a Resale Home

Experienced real estate professionals sell more existing homes than new homes because there are many more resale homes available almost everywhere. Ann Arbor is known for friendly neighborhood communities with happy long-time residents. It is not unusual for Ann Arbor home buyers to be on the watch for “for sale” signs in familiar communities. The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing an agent for your home is that they are an expert in your area and your neighborhood. Those agents with proven track records and recent sales numbers are more reliable than those who are recommended by friends, but working outside of their expertise.

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