How to Buy the Lifestyle

When you buy a house or condo it might seem like there are zillions of items to consider, from the size of the lawn to whether or not the carpets will need to be replaced. However, when it comes to your lifestyle the amenities in the community surrounding the home can make a huge difference to how much you enjoy life. Let’s take a quick look at a few factors you’ll need to consider outside of the home in order to ensure you buy the right lifestyle – and not just the right house.

How to Buy the Lifestyle

Location, Location, Location

It likely comes as no surprise that one of the most important aspects of any real estate purchase is the location of the property. Whether you’re a single young professional or you’re moving a large family to Ann Arbor, you will have expectations and needs in regards to shops, services and other local community amenities. Take some time to drive around the communities you might be considering and see what’s available. Do you need regular access to some form of medical services? Are they nearby? If you like to work out regularly, are there athletic facilities around? Tick off the various boxes on your mental checklist before you start viewing properties to ensure you’re moving in to the right neighborhood.

Are Children in the Picture?

If you have children – or you’re planning to in the future – you’ll have additional concerns to manage. Being within walking distance to quality schools is incredibly important and can save a lot of time spent driving back and forth each day. If your children are the active type, you might want to determine if there are sports fields and leagues set up nearby. Look around at the other houses in the area – are there children playing? Seeing other kids around is a good indicator that a community is family-friendly.

Think About Your Career Path

If you’re moving in to the Ann Arbor area from elsewhere in Michigan or from out of the state and you’re coming here for work, you’ll want to give some thought to your commute. While life in a smaller community like Saline is certainly more relaxed, if you have to make the 15 mile trip into the city and back twice per day you might end up wishing you lived closer to work. Conversely, if you’re getting close to retirement and are downsizing your home as the children have all moved out, you may decide that it’s time to head into a nearby community like Dexter, which has all of the amenities you will need without the bustle that comes with city life.

When in Doubt: Ask!

If you still have questions about how to buy the lifestyle in Ann Arbor or the surrounding area – no problem! The friendly team of real estate agents here at Keller Williams Ann Arbor Market Center is happy to share our knowledge and to help you find a home that suits your needs without breaking your budget. Give us a call at your convenience at (734) 669-0337 or visit our contact us page to get in touch by email. We look forward to welcoming you to the area.

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