Gardening for Your Ann Arbor Condo

Condos offer many benefits and are an excellent option for those who are first-time home buyers, residents wanting to live in the heart of the city, or for those who do not have the time for much home maintenance. They can offer simpler living. However, if you are living in a condo but miss gardening, or long for the opportunity to grow a garden of your own, take heart! Living in a condo does not mean you cannot grow your own garden. With a few tips, you can be gardening in your Ann Arbor condo in no time — all it takes is a little motivation and creativity!

Ann Arbor Condo Garden
by Barbara Cannizzaro

Getting Started with Your Condo Garden

The first step is to make a plan. You will need to know how much space you have in your gardening area. Your garden area may be a well lit sun-room or a patio or balcony, for instance. You will also need to determine how much sunlight the area gets, and what types of plants you would like to grow. These should be plants that grow well in your area.

Next, you will need to gather your tools and materials. Some things a condo gardener will need include: gloves, a small spade, potting dirt, fertilizer and a watering can or self watering globes or beads.

When you have all your supplies, it is time to get your plants and pots. Here you can be creative. Make the space your own by choosing pots and plants that reflect your dream garden. For instance, if you have a shady balcony and want a striking effect, Rex begonias are beautiful and grow well in full shade in Ann Arbor. Finally, you are ready to plant your foliage and watch your garden grow!

Ann Arbor Condo Garden
by P.S. Designs

Creative Ideas for Your Condo Garden

Living in a condo may mean you have a limited space to grow your favorite plants or herbs, but with a splash of creativity, you can have a beautiful garden that rivals those of a home. From our perspective, small space means great potential for big ideas. If you have a small balcony you’d like to decorate with flowers, forget about the usual pots and find a different container. Our favorite are the old and used snow shoes/rain boots. Simply fill them with fertilizer and plant your flower at the top. It gives them plenty of space to stretch their roots out.

You can also string tie some burlap sacks to your balcony railing and plant a few flowers or herbs in those. The burlap sacks give your condo a rustic appeal while still creating an elegant garden in the heart of the city. You could also try a vertical basket planter, which adds depth to your garden. For more ideas, feel free to email us via our contact page (click here).

Condo living does not have to mean giving up on gardening. Even with a small growing space, with some strategy, love and creativity your condo garden will soon be in full bloom!

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