College Football Bowl Game Snacks to Enjoy at Home

Bring the energy of a college football game into your own home with a more intimate setting … by hosting a bowl game at home. Celebrate the University of Michigan Wolverines with an appropriate menu of delicious and easy-to-prepare snacks for your guests. Here are a few ideas to get your Ann Arbor home party started:

Ann Arbor Football Snacks
by Yuri Long

Hearty Potato Cake With Ham

Potatoes are the perfect cold weather food. They keep easily and have a comforting texture. Fill up your guests with a hearty potato cake. Cut potatoes into quarter inch rounds. Layer a buttered casserole dish with potato rounds, thinly sliced ham, and heavy cream. Top with parmesan. Bake the entire dish for forty minutes. Slice the resulting cake into bite sized chunks and serve to guests.

Chicken Fingers

Chicken fingers are the ideal finger food. Make some in advance for your guests. Chop up chicken pieces. Coat with a mixture of egg wash and flour. Fry in hot oil. Make them even more special with the use of dipping sauces. Make a quick honey mustard by adding a few drops of honey to your favorite type of mustard. Serve along with ketchup you have spiced up by adding some of your favorite spices like freshly ground peppercorn.

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Shrimp are an easy snack that appeals to a wide variety of tastes. Shrimp that have already been peeled and boiled are widely available in many Ann Arbor area markets. Defrost them in advance. Wrap bacon around the shrimp and secure them with a toothpick. Place them under the broiler of your oven for a few minutes until the bacon becomes crisp. Serve with a cooling dip. Drain plain yoghurt overnight with a cheesecloth. Empty into a pan. Mix the results with olive oil and minced garlic.

Super Quick Nutritious Vegetables

Provide your guests with an immediate nibble once they come in your house. Cut up broccoli, carrots, turnips and green bell peppers into bite sized slices. Boil water. Place all of the vegetables in a colander. Pour the boiling water over the vegetables to blanch them. Serve with a dip of chopped garlic, chopped tomatoes and olive oil for a healthy boost.

Roast Chickpeas

Chickpeas make an easy and quick snack. Surprise your friends with a roasted version. Open up a can of chick peas. Drain them of all water as carefully as possible. Sprinkle on spices such as cumin or paprika. Place them in the oven for ten minutes. The result is a crispy snack with an unexpected bite.

Enjoy College Football Snacks

Gathering together with friends to watch as the Michigan Wolverines win yet another game is a great way to embrace the fall season. Make your party even more special by presenting your friends with easy to eat snacks they will all love.

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