October Monthly Sheriff’s Deeds Report for Ann Arbor and All Washtenaw County

Monthly Sheriff Deeds Recorded Drops Again in All Washtenaw County, Michigan

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The future is bright with the news release from Washtenaw County’s Clerk and Register of Deeds Office.  There were only 74 Sheriff’s Deeds recorded by Washtenaw County in October.

With year-to-date totals, comparing 2011 to 2012 there was a 24.6% drop in the total number of recorded sheriff’s deeds.  All signs heading in the right direction. DOWN!!  The numbers are indicating a strong finish as we head into the last 2 months of the year.  Totals have not looked this good since 2006.

Have you been sitting back waiting for the market to improve?  All signs show – It’s a Go! Time to list your home.  With Forclosures down in Washtenaw County, and less inventory on the market, and interest rates still at all-time lows, sellers have been receiving multiple offers on their homes.  Buyers are pre-approved with their low interest rate loans and eager to take advantage of favorable market conditions.

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Take a moment and review the data from as far back as 2002 – 2012 which has been provided for you by Lawrence Kestenbaum, Washtenaw County’s Clerk and Register of Deeds.

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Ann Arbor Real Estate Market Up

Ann Arbor prices, volume, and number of homes  sold are up in Washtenaw County real estate.  Sales continues to remain strong in October of 2012 according to the Ann Arbor Area Board of REALTORS.  Robust is the word being used to describe the fast pace of residential real estate sales in October. Real estate sales in Washtenaw County, during the month October, has continued in the same upward trend that’s been taking place throughout the year.  Want to Know What your Home is Worth? 


The total year-to-date residential sales dollar volume is also up 19.3%. 

The number of listings on the market is slightly less than last year, and have continued to be low all year which is leading to higher sales prices for Sellers. This is a great reason to list your home as buyers are qualified and looking to purchase.  With less properties on the market many sellers have been receiving multiple offers.

Year-to-date, the average residential sale price is $211,738, an increase of 9.8 percent over last year.

The average sale price for residential real estate in October was $216,465, an increase of 14.6 percent over October last year.

Residential real estate sales units are up as well with an increase of 25.7 percent over last year, with 264 units sold in October 2012 compared to 210 units sold in October 2011.

 The number of homes sold  Year-to-Date is up 9%.

The average List Price in October 2012 (highlighted in Yellow below) for the Washtenaw County area is up 14% over October 2011.

The “Monthly Housing Statistics” published each month by the Ann Arbor Area Board of REALTORS® represent the housing activity of the Multiple Listing Service and not necessarily all the housing activity that has occurred in Washtenaw County. If you would like more details or information about our statistics, please email mls@aaabor.com.

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Ann Arbor Area Board of REALTORS Real Estate Market Sales are Up

The News is Out
– The Ann Arbor Area Board of REALTORS® has just published the September Market Report.  This month, just like last month, we continue to climb upward.  The entire Washtenaw County area is showing steady, positive gains in all segments of the real estate market. 2012 Residential Sales are up year-to-date 7.23 %. Condo Sales are up 6.1 % compared to this time last year. Average Sale Price for residential property in September 2012 was $214,059, an increase  of 12.5 % over last year and the year-to-date price is up over last year by 9.4 %.

And The News is Good – The Average Days on Market has dropped for residential sales from 76 to 59 days, a decrease of 22.4 %.  Homes are selling quickly.  Properties are selling faster for more money, many times with multiple offers.  With that said, total dollar volume of all sold inventory is up 17.7 % for the year.  The market is strong and expected to continue through the end of  2012.

But there is one item that needs improvement.  Listing inventory is down 20% from last year at this time.  This is the most opportune time to list your home which has just been validated by all the positive news just mentioned above.  Do not sit back and wonder if your home will sell; find out what your home is worth.

Unemployment is down to 5 percent too.

Sellers – Buyers are ready, willing and able to make their next home purchase.  Some are just waiting for the right house and that could be yours.  Many buyers are already approved by their mortgage lender and looking to lock in on those fantastic interest rates.  Put your home on the market today. Click the Ann Arbor Area Board of REALTORS MLS Sales Report below to analyze all the good news and to view a larger image.

The “Monthly Housing Statistics” published each month by the Ann Arbor Area Board of REALTORS® represent the housing activity of the Multiple Listing Service and not necessarily all the housing activity that has occurred in Washtenaw County. Days on market (DOM) figures are indicated only for that particular current listing. If the property was taken off the market and then re-listed, the count starts over and would not necessarily reflect the total days the property has been available for purchase since it was first made available.

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Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Deeds Down Again in 2012

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Washtenaw County Recorded Sheriff’s Deeds are down 27.8 percent compared to the same time last year.  The monthly foreclosure  totals are very reflective of the year 2006.  This is excellent news with only 4 more months yet to be revealed in 2012.  There were a total of 571 Sheriff’s Deeds recorded of the 8 months in 2012 compared to 791 for the same time frame in 2011 and we have not had a lower total comparing the same time frames since 2006 which had a total of 411 Sheriff’s Deeds recorded.   Comparing only August  of 2011 to August of 2012 we are down 39.6% from last year.

An updated table showing monthly recording for January 2002 through August, 2012 is presented below.

Market inventory is still low in Ann Arbor, Michigan  and throughout the entire Washtenaw County area.  Now, makes for a great  time to list your home because buyers are eager to purchase the inventory. Never a better time for Buyers – So Why Rent When You Can Own especially with interest rates at an all-time low.


August 2012 Sheriff's Deeds Report

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Washtenaw County Recorded Sheriff’s Deeds Down Again for 6th Straight Month of 2012

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The number of recorded Sheriff’s Deeds are down again for the 6th straight month in 2012 for the Ann Arbor and the Washtenaw County Area.   The 74, July 2012 reported sheriff’s deeds are down 27 % over the same period in July of 2011.  Comparing the 510 recorded Sheriff’s deeds year-to-date 2012 to the 690 recorded in 2011 the sheriff deeds are down 26%.  If we compare the number year to date for 2012 for the same year-to-date period in 2010 we are doing 41% better than 2 years ago during the same reporting period.  Great news as Recorded Sheriff’s Deeds have continued to decline for the past 6 months in a row.  The positive news is – the number of recorded sheriff’s deeds continues to head back toward those  of 2006 totals.  View the chart below for full details.

Buyers – know that home prices are continuing to climb and the mortgage market interest rates are fantastic.  Our buyer’s agents are ready to help you purchase your new home.  Don’t rent when you can buy and capture the market pricing for incredible fixed rate 30 year payments.  Landlords can raise the rent, but a fixed rate mortgage will remain the same for the term of your loan.  Read Why Rent when you could own.  Read our Seven successful buying tips.

Sellers – market inventory is low.  With proper pricing, those homes are selling fast.  You, too, can take advantage of low inventory and buyers looking to invest.  Sell now and take advantage of the incredible interest rates offered by mortgage lenders.  What is my home worth.  Here are a few quick tips for preparing your home for the market.

July Sheriff Deed Report

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Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Sales Down in Ann Arbor and Surrounding Area

Incredible news –  for the  3rd month in a row we have had a drop in the number of recorded Sheriff Deeds in Washtenaw County.  April 2011 compared to this year April 2012 we are down 36.5%.  Yearly totals for the 1st 4 months of 2011 compared to the 1st 4 months of 2012 we are down 28.64% from last year.  2012 is certainly showing improved signs of stabilization with a total of 122 fewer recorded sheriff’s deeds compared to last year at this time.

Sellers – it is time to list your home.  Property inventory is down and buyers are writing offers.  Very important to price your home to sell at a competitive price point to attract buyers.  Keep in mind that the sale of your home will also depend on an appraisal.

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The chart below has been provided by Washtenaw County Clerk and Register of Deeds.

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Washtenaw County November Foreclosure Report Looking Optimistic Heading Into Year End

Washtenaw County’s year-to-date foreclosures are down compared to last year at this same time.  This November news sets a very optimistic tone heading into the final month of December, 2011.


Press Release

According to Lawrence Kestenbaum, Washtenaw County’s Clerk and Register of Deeds, 82 Sheriff’s Deeds were recorded by Washtenaw County’s Register of Deeds office this November.

“In 2011 to date we have recorded a total of 1,046 Sheriff’s Deeds, compared to 1,072 in 2009 and 1,337 in 2010.  This year’s total to date is 78.2 percent of last year’s total to date, and continues as the lowest annual count we’ve recorded since 2007.”

 An updated table showing monthly recording for 2002 through November, 2011 is presented below.

 Sheriff Deeds Recorded by Month, January 2002 through November 2011

Source:  Washtenaw County Clerk and Register of Deeds


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Ann Arbor Michigan Real Estate: Post Foreclosure – What are redemption rights?

This is a question which is sometimes raised by many homeowners who have just lost their property due to foreclosure. How does this work?

Well, according to Washtenaw County the redemption period is as follows: “after a property is sold at a sheriff’s sale (foreclosure sale), there is a redemption period. For many properties it is a six month period, for some properties, usually those properties with three or more acres or if more than two thirds of the loan has been paid, it is a year. If the property has been declared abandoned, the redemption period can be substantially shortened to one month.” Importantly, homeowners have rights during the redemption period, you can continue to live in the property and are not required to make any mortgage payments, can sell the property to another person or more interestingly BUY IT BACK!

Buying back a property that you are living in is an interesting concept that could save you month, however if you want to buy back the property many people want to know the answer to the big question: ‘what is the price?’ – Well, according to the county, this works as follows “at the sheriff’s sale, the purchaser paid a certain amount of money to purchase the property. Often the purchaser will be your mortgage company although it could also be another investor. The amount necessary for you to buy back, or redeem, your property is the amount the purchaser paid, plus some allowable costs and a daily interest rate based upon your mortgage loan interest rate.”

You can find out the sale price for your property at the Registrar of Deeds in the county where your property is located. If you want to buy back the home and it was sold for less than the amount owed to a mortgage company you only have to pay the purchase price from the sheriff’s sale even if it is substantially less than your loan amount. But that said, regardless, if the purchase price is less than the amount owing on the loan then you may be responsible for the difference. This difference is called the “deficiency” and the mortgage company can try and collect on this deficiency. Be careful and if you get collection calls, always seek legal advice if you are unsure whether they are warranted or not.  When you short sale your home, the approval letter often waives the deficiency.  Read Should I Short Sale My Home?

All said and done, what if you don’t buy back your home? Well, at the end of the redemption period you can be evicted if you are still in the property. However the purchaser of the property should not simply change the locks or evict you without a court order. If this happens you should contact an attorney immediately for assistance as there is a correct procedure that must be followed to evict the person still in the property.

This is all interesting stuff that is relevant to the market that we are living in across the country today. All of these things mean that while it can be tough on sellers, if you are a buyer then now is a great time to pick up a bargain home here in Ann Arbor!  If you are looking at a Short Sale, click here.

We welcome your comments, if you live in the community, we want to hear what you think of your neighborhood and welcome your input to improve this Ann Arbor Area information.

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