“Bullet Proof Marketing” Trademark Established by Toth Team Worldwide Network

The marketing system used by Toth Team Worldwide Network has proven effective for virtually any home and location, throughout all economic conditions. This reliable strategy leverages a combination of powerful marketing techniques to sell homes quickly and for top dollar. The consistent success of the program has resulted in a new trademark: Bullet Proof Marketing™.

Establishing the trademark of Bullet Proof Marketing™ elevates the brand distinction of Toth Team Worldwide Network, which is recognized as a top-producing brokerage in Ann Arbor and the surrounding area. The brokerage is famed for its unique client programs, such as Buyer VIP, Love it or Leave it Buyer’s Guarantee, and the Home Selling Guarantee.

To establish the Bullet Proof Marketing™ trademark, Toth Team Worldwide Network invested in legal representation to formally research and file the trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This will grant Toth Team Worldwide Network national use of Bullet Proof Marketing™ as branding in the residential real estate industry.

Registering an enforceable trademark at the Federal level is something that few real estate brokerages pursue. In a typical brokerage, individual agents follow a generalized, minimal marketing plan that may vary from one agent to another, or from one property to another. This creates inconsistencies in sales results and in the client experience.

At Toth Team WorldWide Network, a true team approach is employed to assure the highest possible level of client service. All homes listed by Toth Team Worldwide Network receive Bullet Proof Marketing™. By branding and trademarking their comprehensive marketing system, Toth Team Worldwide Network elevates their leadership position in greater Ann Arbor real estate.

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