How to Avoid 3 Costly Mistakes When Moving


Today we’re discussing the top three mistakes people make when packing and moving and how you can avoid them.

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Today, we have three tips on how to avoid three major mistakes when moving that we wanted to share with you. We are joined today by Sharon McRill, the owner of Betty Brigade, to help break down these three issues and how to avoid them when moving.

1. Not prioritizing. For example, Sharon sees people who pack up their kitchen when it’s the basement, garage, or attic that needs work first.

2. Not figuring out what to take to the new space. If you don’t measure the space and the furniture, it’s very difficult to find out how it will all work together. After figuring out the space, decide what you’ll keep and sell or donate the rest.

3. Relying on friends and family. Pizza doesn’t always cut it when it comes to moving! You have to motivate people with something else many times. That’s why Sharon recommends hiring professionals. If friends and family want to help, she says let them help, but don’t count on them for everything.


Pizza doesn’t always cut it when compensating movers!


Thanks to Sharon for joining us. If you find yourself in need of the Betty Brigade’s services, you can call them at (734) 994-1000.

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