Appealing to Tech Savvy Buyers in Ann Arbor

The growing population in Ann Arbor is filled with a large influx of tech-savvy consumers relocating for tech-based positions in innovative technology companies. Many homes in the area are not yet equipped with the technological amenities most desired by this growing demographic. To make your Ann Arbor home as appealing to the buying market as possible, you must incorporate the latest in home technology. 

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Home Theater

A home theater is a must for many technology-driven homeowners. These rooms are often lined with soundproofing materials and designed to appear like the most modern movie theaters. And, like most modern movie theaters, home theaters should be equipped with the latest digital and video technology in conjunction with a well decorated and comfortable viewing environment.

How to Sell Your Home

Digital Security Systems

A technologically advanced home cannot be complete without a digital security system. As part of additional security measures, most systems include wireless digital video recordings that are saved on an outside network rather than the system of the homeowner. These systems are designed to provide maximum protection and to allow homeowners to view their home from anywhere and at anytime.

Digital Kitchen

If you wish to impress this clientele, you should create the ultimate digital kitchen. This kitchen should feature digital appliances from the oven to the coffee maker. Most digital kitchens can be accessed by remote. These busy individuals can start their oven, stovetop and microwave from work and have dinner ready by the time they arrive home.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry is another selling point to this demographic. Keyless entry is often highly appealing for a number of reasons such as to reduce the number of keys required to use on any given day, additional security for guests and residents alike and the convenience is unprecedented.

Smart House

Creating the ultimate smart house will attract any homebuyer, but especially those drawn to the tech home options. These homes feature lighting, heating and cooling, blinds, ceiling fans and much more that is all integrated within one digital system. Another smart feature is to optimize empty space such as to include storage in areas typically left unused such as underneath stairs and in walls. These homes sell because they have proven to save money and maximize efficiency.

As a growing number of sophisticated workers move to the city for innovative jobs, the demand for smart homes will continue to rise. To appeal to the tech-savvy home buyers in Ann Arbor, create a home filled with technological advances. For more information on selling your Ann Arbor property, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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