Ann Arbor Real Estate: What I Want For Summer!

Why wait until Christmas to get what you want for your home? The summer is the perfect time to make your dreams become reality — more specifically in the backyard and patio area. When the weather is this great in Ann Arbor, you don’t want to waste it indoors, sitting on the couch and watching television all day. You want to be outside, lounging about in a hammock or hosting fun backyard parties for friends and family. You can even celebrate your children’s birthday party with a small get-together outside. It’s the perfect space for children to run around and play together, so it’s important that you get what you want and turn your backyard into a paradise waiting to be enjoyed.

Here’s some ideas to get your Summer list started:

The Relaxing Backyard

Ann Arbor Relaxing Backyard
by Smith & Vansant Architects PC

If what you want for summer is a relaxing backyard, set your yard up like a lounge area. Tie the hammock to some trees, line up some chairs, and maybe introduce the backyard to an outdoor table to enjoy hamburgers and hot dogs outside. With the calls and beauty of nature all around you, relaxing should be a breeze.

The Entertainment Backyard

Ann Arbor Entertainment Backyard
by Colorworks Studio

If you’ve been looking for the perfect excuse to put a big screen television outside, this is it. Serving as the perfect entertainment venue for sports games, friends and family can relax outside, enjoy the warmth of the firepit, and not miss a single second of the game. Turn the regular sports party into something memorable and make all your neighbors jealous!

The Chef’s Backyard

Ann Arbor Chefs Backyard
by Holloway Company Inc.

Everyone loves delicious food, especially legendary burgers and ribs from the grill-master himself. If you want the perfect backyard setting for cooking and entertaining guests, it’s time to build the neighborhood’s best grill station. Design a cozy patio area for guests to relax under, yet still be able to admire the natural surroundings. Have the grills heated up and let the pleasing aromas do their work. No doubt friends will be begging to come back for seconds.

What You Want for Summer

These ideas should serve as great starting points to making your dreams come true for the summer. Everyone wants a great place to relax outside and have great parties in. If you’re looking for a great home that you can enjoy the outdoors with, check out our current home listings in Ann Arbor:

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