Ann Arbor, MI Restaurants Offering Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner is one of those meals where many prefer to out to eat and thus leave all of the preparation, cooking, and cleaning to others. There are a few top choices in the Ann Arbor area for those who want to get out for their Thanksgiving meal this year.

Ann Arbor Thanksgiving Restaurants
by Vxla

Weber’s Restaurant and Boutique Hotel

Weber’s is perhaps the most well known place to grab Thanksgiving dinner in the Ann Arbor area. There are various options in this classy restaurant that include choices such as traditional roast turkey, prime rib, seafood or even roasted duckling. It’s all served with traditional trimmings to complete the meal.

Gandy Dancer

Gandy Dancer is another Ann Arbor restaurant that is open for business on Thanksgiving. Options include traditional turkey or duck with all of the trimmings or anything else off of the varied menu that has specialties such as fish, pasta, and even vegetarian entrees.

Haab’s Restaurant

Haab’s Restaurant is a great restaurant if you’re looking for something with a more casual feel. The Thanksgiving offering includes traditional turkey dinners, but also includes the favorites of this establishment.

Eating Out in Ann Arbor for Thanksgiving

Whether you want a fine dining experience such as Weber’s or something in between at Gandy Dancer or more laid back at Haab’s, you can put down that frozen turkey and find a great place to head out for Thanksgiving dinner this year.

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