Ann Arbor Dog Parks

Does your dog need friends? Ann Arbor has the perfect meeting place for your favorite pet: Switch Run Park & Olson Park. Here, dogs can roam about, bark as loud as they want, and play with fellow canines. It’s a great place for them to stretch out and exhaust all that energy they’ve been storing over the winter. They’ll be excited to play fetch with their favorite toy and romp with the other dogs. You’ll also get to meet other dog owners and talk your pet. Ann Arbor wants you and your best friend to have a great time while living in the area.

Both dog parks are open from dawn to dusk. You need an off-leash dog permit to access the designated off-leash dog play areas (which can be at Ann Arbor’s city clerk’s office).

Map of Ann Arbor Dog Parks

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Swift Run Park & Olson Park

Swift Run Park is a 10-acre space located at the corner of Ellsworth Road and Platt Road. It features an off-leash park with an additional small dog area. Olson Park has an off-leash dog park located in the south-central portion of the area. To download individual maps and learn more information about each park, click here.

Living in Ann Arbor

The community has always played an integral part to Ann Arbor’s charm. Nearby houses and condos offer great places to call home, and most of them are within close proximity to downtown Ann Arbor. You can enjoy pleasant days outside, letting your dog play with other dogs, and then grab a delicious bite to eat at one of the local restaurants. If you’d like to know what a typical day in Ann Arbor might be, read our article: 24 Hours in Ann Arbor.

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