10 Steps to Help You Hire the Perfect Builder

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Today, we’re here with Randy Surline, a senior sales partner at Allen Edwin homes. We’ve referred many clients to Randy, and he is here to help us go over the 10 steps to hiring a builder.

1. Define your needs. What size and type of home do you need? What price are you expecting to pay for it?

2. Work with experience. Always check your builder’s experience.

3. Check past references. Look at customer reviews and see how satisfied the builder’s past clients were.

4. Verify their license and insurance.

5. Look for a design fit. Make sure their aesthetic works with yours.

6. Warranty and service. A ten year structure warranty is how you know a builder is happy with what they do.

7. Resale value. Have past homes from this builder maintained or increased in value? This is where your real estate agent comes in.

8. Industry involvement. Is the builder a member of the local homebuilders association?

9. Quality home tours. Tour model homes or custom homes. Do not skip this step! Look at the workmanship of the home.

10. Builder model registration. When you fill this out, make sure you include your real estate agent in the paperwork. Real estate agents always add value.


One other tip we have is to make sure your builder is good at communication. If you have any questions about new construction, give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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