24 Hours in Ann Arbor

Heading north to the quaint town of Ann Arbor is anything but traditional. With the University of Michigan calling the area home, it has drastically re-shaped and characterized the town. From community events to a plethora of city art, Ann Arbor has continued to impress local residents. They have embraced the slogan: “Doing Life Different,” meaning art, entertainment, and leisure are on their priority list. It isn’t rare to see people relaxing in coffee shops around downtown Ann Arbor or heading over to the university buildings for a local seminar. Life is made extraordinary in Ann Arbor, so learn what amazing activities you can do in 24 hours alone.

9 a.m. – Downtown Ann Arbor

Filled with exquisite restaurants and special boutique shops, downtown Ann Arbor is the start of any day’s journey. It’s the one place to catch a good cup of Joe, sit outside, and watch people walk by. Designed like a charming, historic town, you’ll easily grasp the community aura Ann Arbor displays. Local markets offer fresh fruit, organic vegetables, and flowers for you to peruse. If you’re stomach gets hungry, there’s sure to be a restaurant that will satisfy whatever taste you have. And the best part about downtown is everything is walkable.

Another interesting feature of Downtown Ann Arbor you should be on the watch for is the Fairy Doors. Miniature, colorful doors are spread about the area at the base of local businesses. According to legend, these doors were designed so fairies could enter stores and first appeared around the early 1990’s.

1 p.m. – Michigan Stadium

Referred to as the “Big House,” this is the meeting place for local football fans. University students and Ann Arbor residents join the Wolverines for the weekly “Football Saturday,” against Ohio State. The roar and excitement is unparalleled by any other university in the area.

9 p.m. – The Ark

Considered one of the top music clubs in the world, the Ark has been known to host some of the best musical artistry and entertainment in Ann Arbor. Featuring a 400-seat club, residents enjoy live music from famous folk and rock bands. Local neighbors and university graduates all get together at this one place for an amazing night – which has earned its place as the last stop of 24 hours in Ann Arbor.

the ark ann arbor

Finishing the Night & Heading Home

Ann Arbor isn’t just an adventure to experience for a week. It’s a place to call home. Cozy cottages and spacious houses offer great living areas. With walkable city features and amazing outdoor activities, there’s no shortage of things to do in Ann Arbor. Check out our current listings by clicking the button below:

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