102.9 FM Radio W4Country with REALTOR Kathy Toth

I record radio spots with host Brian Cowan of 102.9 FM “Breakfast with Bubba” in the morning.  We get together every so often.  I thought Kathy on Radiothese spots were fun since they reflect Christmas.

He asks me about the Ann Arbor Real Estate market and tips on getting the best deal or selling for the most money.

I have been working with Brian for 8 years and want to congratulate him on 10 years with this station.  He makes the job easy for me.  I say that he is like a good dance partner.  He leads and I just follow.  When we get together, it is like I am just talking to a friend and there is no one else in the room (except 150,000 listeners in the Ann Arbor Area).

Radio Spot December 18, 2012

Radio Spot December 19, 2012

At this point we have become friends and am amazed by the work that he does for the community and the personal appearance hours he puts in.  His schedule rivals the interns and REALTORS!

I am very grateful for many things in my life and feel blessed to know Brian Cowan.  Others who have been good friends include Lori, Fanny and the other 2 Brians at Cumulus.  My long time friend Matt Wagner helps with ideas and execution and net working with other peers in the Radio and Television Network.

We at the Toth Team hope the listeners, our family of clients, and friends have a Merry Christmas.  Regardless of the Season, friendship is one of the greatest treasures on earth.




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