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Dexter Walking Path Being Transformed Now! How Can We Help the Process of The Border to Border Trail?

FullSizeRender (2)Have you walked one of the longest trails in the city of Michigan yet? Dexter has created one of the most magnificent trails yet, and the locals cannot stop raving about it. The Dexter Walking Path leads from Dexter to the Hudson Mills Metro park and is planned to be a total estimated 35 miles. Walking along the Huron River while the trees are throwing their leaves to the ground, preparing for the winter, gives me such a warm and comforting feeling. The weather has been beautiful for the past few weeks –  Absolutely perfect to grab your friends, kids, and/or animals to take a long walk along the Huron river. Looking for Homes for Sale along the Huron River? Click Here! Life seems to pass us by at a blink of an eye, before we know it we are caught up in our day to day routines and we are certainly not appreciating the earth that was created for us! The Dexter Walking Trail is the most glorious place to find peace and comfort while enjoying the breathtaking fall views and weather. A little bit of history about the Border to Border trail, a group of independent individuals started working to build one of the longest and most beautiful trails to ever exist. This trail is completely not government funded or funded by any other organizations. In order to raise money for this magnificent trail, the friends of the border to border trail have started sponsorship/promotional bicycle rides along the path, sponsoring cleanups beside the path, and distributing the Border to Border trail maps to all locals and friends so we can spread awareness and raise money for a great, healthy idea!

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Michigan is famous for its autumn weather and picture perfect views – take a moment to appreciate the world we live in this season.


The path begins at Mill Creek Park, crosses Mill Creek, and continues to run along the west bank of the Huron River for almost three miles! At this point the trail then connects to a previous trail that continues about two miles down North Territorial Road and leads to the entrance of the Metro Park. The new trail in The Village of Dexter will link the Village’s parks into the regional system along the Huron River. The Village and the Dexter Schools are working together to extend the system south along the Mill Creek through the Village to the School’s future nature corridor and outdoor lab. The friends of the Border to Border trail have many, many innovative ideas but as they have shared with us – not enough funds! We must stand up tall and pitch in all that we can to help our state of Michigan grow and prosper. This breathtaking and one of a kind walking path is one of the most recently completed segments of the Border-to-Border Trail. This trail is still under renovation and is planned to eventually be a 35-mile trail running beside the flowing Huron River. Looking for Homes for Sale in Ann Arbor? Well come walk the path with the Toth team while we utilize our resources for you to find the home of your dreams!

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Officials say that the Dexter Walking Trail will not be plowed during the winter, but thankfully will not be closed! So go find your Cross-Country Skis in the back of your closet and hope that the trails are alive this winter!!

Construction of a piece of the Border to Border Trail from Dexter Huron Metro park to Central Street is to begin on Monday, October 12, 2015. The path unfortunately will be closed during construction. To see how you can help fund, volunteer, or learn more about the Border to Border Trail click here!


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Ann Arbor’s Walkability Score – Is it Your Paradise?

Driving has always been one of America’s odd pastimes, with week-long road trips from coast to coast, but sometimes we just want to leave our car behind and walk. Maybe that’s why the downtown area has become so popular with local residents in Ann Arbor. The “walk-able” character of the city has always appealed to those wanting to forget the hassle of traffic and be conveniently located near the university campus, local grocery stores, and favorite restaurants. The charm of any downtown is always determined by it’s “walk score,” and Ann Arbor can proudly tell everyone it scored a 98 out of 100.

Ann Arbor Walkability

Ann Arbor’s Walk Score

Ann Arbor – A Walker’s Paradise

With a walk score of 98, this means you can easily run daily errands without a car. From your downtown loft or condo, you can enjoy a hot coffee one block down the street or see a movie behind your complex. The University of Michigan’s campus is nearby, allowing college students to easily get to class and find what they need. For those who just enjoy living in the city, grocery stores and local marketplaces are all located within a short walking distance — giving you the relaxation of going at your own pace. You don’t need to deal with driving, filling the tank up, or mess with traffic.

Ann Arbor’s Scores

  • Walk Score = 98
  • Bike Score = 99
  • Transit Score = 65

With top scores like this, it’s easy to see why living in downtown Ann Arbor is so pleasurable. Schools, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars are located in one central hub that you can easily get to. However Ann Arbor’s scores are complemented by great places to live. Condo complexes like Liberty Lofts and Sloan Plaza introduce residents to comfortable living matched with unique amenities. Not only is the city at your command, but you also have access to swimming pools, exercise rooms, and breathtaking views. Everything you’ve ever wanted is at your doorstep — literally, so why not give downtown Ann Arbor real estate a look. Search our current listings below:

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