National and Ann Arbor Real Estate Market Improves September 2012

National Real Estate Sales Up September 2012
 Want to Know What Your Neighbor’s House Sold For?

In Ann Arbor, the real estate market is up too.

By the way – I just saw some squirrels out in my back yard preparing for Winter.  Those chippies were running, bouncing and diligently storing up their supply for the months ahead. Of course, this reminded me of a few things I should be tending to outside as well.  Raking leaves and preparing a few beds with Spring Bulbs.

If you live in Ann Arbor, one of my favorite places to get some great fall ideas is the Downtown Home and Garden Center and for those that live in the Dexter area, how about the Dexter Mill which is a great place to gather up a few creative ideas for all your Fall clean up.  Another fun place to help get those creative juices  flowing is Lesser Farm & Orchard, and The Frosty Apple Orchard  If you have a little time remaining, lend a helping hand to another family member, friend or neighbor that could surely use your raking skills.

To search for homes in the entire Ann Arbor Real Estate Market area go to

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