Black Friday Real Estate Deals in Ann Arbor, MI

For many years it has been a tradition that Black Friday is a fantastic time to get great deals at the stores and malls on everything from consumer electronics to clothing to furniture. What many people may be unaware of is that Black Friday is also a fabulous opportunity to buy your new house and start a new chapter in your life. The holiday shopping season has a way of bringing seller and buyers together in order to accomplish their goals and provides an environment that is conducive to finding the best deals on real estate. Much like the special discounts in the stores on consumer goods there may also be special incentives available on real estate in Ann Arbor, MI which could reduce your closing costs or significantly reduce the price that you will pay for a new home.

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Why should buyers buy on Black Friday?

Besides the special incentives offered by the realtor companies on Black Friday, the home sellers are also embracing the holiday season spirit and you may see some listings dropping the asking price by thousands of dollars. As the holiday season approaches people are ready to move on with their life and become eager to make a deal on their home. Some home sellers may pay all or part of your closing costs, include furniture in the deal, or be willing move out quickly so you can take possession of the home. The holiday season has a way of making people look forward to the future and can be a perfect time for buyers and sellers to get together and make a deal that will work for both parties.

Why should sellers sell their home on Black Friday?

For the home sellers there are clear advantages to selling their home on Black Friday. Buyers normally have some time off of work for the holiday and sellers know this may be their one opportunity to make a deal and get their house sold. On this special date the serious buyers are more likely to make an offer because they have a break from their normal busy schedule and have the time to engage. Some sellers may be away or unavailable for the holiday, so for sellers that are available to host an open house or do showings it can be a huge benefit because of the lower competition for serious buyers. [Learn More About Selling Your Home]

Black Friday Real Estate Statistics

A survey of realtor firms showed that on Black Friday, home buyers and home sellers in the market are the most willing and able to take the necessary steps to finalize a home purchase or sale.

  • 61.4 percent of the real estate companies state that the Black Friday home buyers are serious to very serious about buying a home.
  • 67.7 percent of the real estate companies consider that the Black Friday home sellers are serious to very serious looking to sell their home.
  • Only 13.7% of realtors will be having an open house on Black Friday, which means lower competition for qualified buyers.
  • 25.8% of realtors say that potential buyers have more time to shop for their new home on Black Friday.

Black Friday Real Estate Deals in Ann Arbor, MI

Black Friday real estate deals on Black Friday in Ann Arbor, MI will be creating an opportunity for both home buyers and home sellers. It might be the best moment of the year to sell your house with fewer competitors in the market or to buy a house at a discounted price. If you are a seller or a potential buyer you should prepare yourself to find a fantastic deal on a new house and start a new chapter in your life.

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