“Painting Paralysis” Can Be Damaging to Your Decor: Tips to Get Past It

Scenerio: The room is ready. You can picture the new decor in your mind; well, sort of. Selecting a paint color for the walls has you stuck. The indecision is really annoying and, what’s more, it’s preventing you from enjoying the room you hope to create.

There is a reason for the popularity of certain paint colors: white, beige, grey and pale blue are easy to work with, easy to accessorize, and lend themselves to varying themes and stylistic interpretation. You can often detect your own color preferences by looking in your closet. As many experts attest, if you like wearing certain colors, you will likely be happy living with them. This is not to suggest, necessarily, if your wearable favorites are all navy blue that you should paint your living room that color.

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by Ragan Corliss

Begin With Purpose

The problem begins, however, with that first visit to the paint store. With the thousands of paint chips on display, its no wonder that hesitation and procrastination set in. Even the pros understand the dilemma. Some advise skipping that first step altogether.

If you have a favorite fabric, or an accent pillow that you adore, or even a beloved painting that has the exact color you seek, simply bring that item with you to the paint store and ask them to mix up paint to match.

If that seems too simple, or too terrifying, have a sample batch prepared. Take it home and paint it on the wall and live with it for a few days. If it doesn’t scream, “Mistake,” then go ahead and paint the rest of the walls. Try not to make the mistake, however, of “test-driving” multiple swatches — that can spell disaster and lead to true paralysis.

Chances are good that you have a basic idea of the look you desire, and the feeling you want to create. Whether your lifestyle is formal or casual, and whether your preferred color scheme is subdued or vibrant, walls should be the background, not the loud voice.

Analyze Your Goals

Thinking in this way can help guide you toward a color choice; often the best option is a neutral color because the way is then clear for you to accessorize with the seasons, or to alter the mood of the space according to your mood. Take stock of your room and what kind of feeling it projects: Peaceful and Zen-like, happy and playful, moody and quiet, bright and full of energy?

Collecting pictures of appealing spaces, from magazines or online sources is a great way to define your preferences and to crystallize your goals. Not only will it help you to decide on an appropriate color scheme, but seeing a variety of attractive room settings will aid in solidifying your design philosophy.

Finally, if accents of that favorite navy blue aren’t enough — go ahead, paint an accent wall, or a door, or a piece of furniture. If you love it, others will as well!

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