Quick Reference Guide to Environmental Questions For Home Buyer and Sellers

Lead Based Paint

Here is your quick online reference guide for home buyers and sellers looking for answers to some of the more common environmental questions in home ownership.

Are you faced with environmental concerns when looking to buy or sell a home?  Do you have friends that are?  Just a little more information from the right sources will lay your environmental questions and concerns to rest.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does offer guidance and self help direction for the most common concerns facing home owners and potential buyers.  We have listed below some areas for home sellers and home buyers with some solutions to these environmental areas of concern.  Bookmark this page for further research regarding the following environmental topics.

Lead – Could you have lead in your home?  Learn some of the facts about lead.  Read the Pamphlet “Protect your Family From Lead In Your Home“.  Visit www.leadfreekids.org.

Asbestos What is asbestos?  And how to handle asbestos. You might be surprised.

Radon – Learn about Radon and Radon Mitigation Solutions. Radon and how to get Radon out of your home.

Mold – Not all mold is Black Mold.  Look here for answers to your Mold Questions in the Mold Basics

Picture3Carbon Monoxide – Know when to get out of the house. Carbon Monoxide can be deadly.  What are the symptoms?  Prevention is the key to avoiding carbon monoxide poisoning.

Arsenic What is arsenic? How does arsenic get into my drinking water?

Flood Cleanup – If you have ever had the problem of a flooded basement – Read about how to properly clean up after flooding to your home.

Green Homes – And just for fun – take a look at what you can do to  make your home even more Green.  Try out this interactive home and find ways to green up the interior of your home.

The topics above would also make for great science class discussions for your students at all grade levels.  We encourage you to bookmark this post as a quick reference source to home owner  environmental topics.

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