Sell Your Home to Baby Boomers Searching for College Town Retirement

180250187With the new influx of retirees choosing college towns for retirement, marketing a home towards this new group of potential buyers in Ann Arbor, MI is a great choice. Keep retirees in mind when putting your home or condominium on the market since this group of people is now making up a significant amount of the home buying audience. With a few alterations in your selling approach as well as some modifications on marketing your property, you may be on your way to a quick turnaround and a substantial profit.

Why the Change to College Towns?

Retirees are different from years past. Today’s retirees are younger and more health oriented. They look for locations that are full of activity such as college towns in order to access amenities such as speaking engagements, theater groups, music venues and expanding their own education. Home of the University of Michigan, there are many avenues for retirees to keep their lives interesting and active. Another more practical perk of college towns is that they tend to have large, updated medical facilities.


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Why Sell Now?

The market in Ann Arbor, MI is prime form for selling a home in this area, with prices reaching higher levels while interest rates are at lower levels. People looking to purchase have more inclination to pay more for a home as the interest rates are at rock bottom allowing more money for paying on the principal of the loan. If you will be buying after selling your home, this goes both ways. Lower interest rates can benefit both sides of the purchasing equation. With retirees flocking to college towns, Ann Arbor is the perfect site to gear your sale to this audience.

How to Market to Retirees?

Retirees look for a home or condominium that takes less maintenance. Older residents look to downsize so they will not be as concerned about yard work or maintenance on a smaller home when traveling. If you are trying to appeal to retirees then keep landscaping simple. If you have a home with a master bedroom on the main floor, walk-in showers or open living spaces then your property may be a fantastic choice for retirees.

Selling a home with retirees in mind in Ann Arbor, MI has the potential for a successful selling opportunity. By making sure your home’s retiree-friendly details are included in the marketing materials or by performing a few inexpensive changes to the home, older buyers may find their home in your property. Targeting the many amenities a college town has to offer for retirees as well as an invigorating, youthful environment may just be the icing on the cake for incoming buyers. For more information about selling your home and the buyer audience in Ann Arbor, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you are looking for more details on these seller process, check out our Definitive Guide to Selling Your Home:

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How to Sell Ann Arbor’s Fixer-Upper Properties

76754825Sellers in Ann Arbor, MI typically prepare a home for sale by making needed repairs and painting. Occasionally more expensive updates such as new carpeting or kitchen counter tops are necessary, as well as fine tuning landscaping for maximum curb appeal. Not all sellers have the financial resources, physical ability or will to fix up their home in order to market it competitively with the rest of the updated homes in their area. In Ann Arbor, the real estate market is strong enough to include fixer-upper listings as part of a healthy selection of real estate inventory.

Pricing a Fixer-Upper

In order to get a quick sale at the best price for a fixer-upper, it is important to select a real estate professional who meets the needs and expectations of sellers of this type of property with honesty, understanding and respect. Real estate agents are vital in these situations in order to pool all resources to set the best price. The correct pricing of fixer-upper properties is even more important than the pricing of homes that are more marketable because there are fewer buyers and less financing options in this category. A comparative market analysis using nearby, comparable homes in better condition will then allow you to make realistic allowances in the asking price. When pricing a fixer-upper offsetting deficiencies is necessary in order to arrive at an effective asking price.

Market to the Right Buyers

There is a special group of home buyers who are interested in making a home their own. Fixer-upper buyers are not just looking for bargains, they know they are going to customize whatever home they buy and many other factors are more important than fancy amenities. Most fixer-upper buyers have a good understanding of structure and repair costs. In order to find these buyers your agent should prepare a marketing plan catered to buyers specifically willing to do some work in their new home in exchange for a price that reflects these needed changes.

Things to Remember:

  • Price the home competitively: The target market for fixer-uppers includes knowledgeable buyers who understand the cost and work involved in renovating property. A home that is fairly priced will be seriously considered.
  • Make the property as inviting as possible: Clean the interior and get rid of offending odors. Mow lawns, trim bushes and sweep the porch for curb appeal and pleasant entry.
  • Be open and honest about defects: Prior to listing your home, get a home inspection in order to provide a detailed and honest approach to informing buyers.

Selling a home as a fixer-upper is the most feasible path for some property owners. Quick and clean sales as fixer-uppers will produce the best outcomes for sellers who are unwilling or unable to repair the homes themselves. If you are still unsure if these sales can garner a price you are happy with please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. If you are still researching the the home sale process in general, check out our eBook: The Definitive Guide to Selling Your Home.

How to Sell Your Home