Easy Tips to Hanging Holiday Lights for Your Ann Arbor, MI Home

The holiday season is just around the corner in Ann Arbor, which means that you need to start thinking about hanging up your Christmas lights. It is an amazing feeling when you get this task done, but many people do not relish doing it. The key to getting it done is getting it started. Once you get some momentum going, it will be done in short order. To help you find the motivation to hang your Christmas lights this year, follow these tips to make it easy on yourself:

Ann Arbor MI Christmas Lights
by Christmas Lights, Etc

Spots & Tips to Hanging Holiday Lights Outdoors

Displaying holiday lights around the exterior of your Ann Arbor home is a great way to show your holiday spirit this year. Dazzle neighbors and children alike with colorful decorations that makes everyone feel at home this holiday. To get started, think about where you want to hang your lights. Places like the driveway, front door, bushes & trees, and around the windows are great places to add strings of lights.

Measure the area where you want to hang lights and consider how many lights you’ll need for the project. Also be sure to collect all your supplies, such as your work gloves, stepladder, and extension cords, to make the process easier. Once you’ve done the initial preparation, begin by testing the lights. Plug them in and spot any that aren’t working. It’s suggested you don’t connect more than 3 strands together, in case of any electrical surges. To save you time from turning the lights on and off, get a timer that is weatherproof and let the machine take care of the work for you.

Additional things to consider include clips, tacks, and adhesives made for hanging lights outside.

Spots & Tips to Hanging Holiday Lights Indoors

Besides placing lights around your Christmas tree, there are a number of other areas you can spread joy around the house. Places you might want to consider hanging lights include:

  • Around the walls of your bedroom
  • On the fireplace mantel
  • Up the stair rail
  • On a wreath
  • Around the windows

Again, be sure to measure the area where you will hang lights at and prepare the supplies. Items like transparent tape, tacks, and twist ties come in handy when hanging lights indoors. Always remember to work from the highest point first and work your way down. If you use tacks, make sure not to pierce the electrical wiring. If you place any lights in seasonal wreaths, consider using battery-operated lights to save you time and hassle.

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