Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Ann Arbor Home

Decorating for Halloween can involve the entire family. To begin, select a large orange pumpkin together for the front door area. Carving a spooky face and adding lights inside will set the mood. Now comes the fun part — how to create a one of a kind Halloween experience for the little trick or treaters that will ring your doorbell. Ask each family member what they like best and incorporate their ideas into the decorations.

Ann Arbor Halloween Home
by Between Naps on the Porch

Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Home

There are the typical plastic spiders to hang up dangling from fake cobwebs and the stuffed black cats placed in windows. But you can also try unusual things this Halloween. Some people have displays of Autumn items such as a scarecrow or pumpkin patch in the yard. A friend decided to pretend to be the scare crow and as the children walked up he moved slightly. It took a few minutes for them to realize that the stuffed scare crow was moving and they would get the candy and run screaming down the steps.

There are eerie sounds like creaking doors and spooky noises to greet the children as they ring the doorbell. Or you might add chuckling or boo sounds to the pumpkin by the door. It will amuse children when the pumpkin talks.

Also, add some of the deep purple lights on windows or front gates. Not only do they look beautiful but they cast a glow on the pumpkins by the door. Or you can decorate with strings of miniature lighted pumpkins. These light the entryway of your house without being to bright.

Halloween Party Ideas

If it’s a Halloween party you are throwing add dry ice to the table in a “witch’s cauldron.” The overflowing mist will provide atmosphere to the night. Sometimes, in Ann Arbor it can be cold even as early as Halloween. So when you use decorations outside its best to not use cardboard cut outs as they won’t hold up. Instead, think of plastic or natural fibers such as ghosts made of weather resistant cotton. A display of ghosts can be created in the front yard to attract trick or treaters.

Plan ahead so that you have the time to make a Halloween night to remember. You can use different sizes of pumpkins each with a scary or cute face to decorate outside. When the pumpkins are lighted their glow will be welcoming to passers by.

Halloween Home Decorations

Halloween in Ann Arbor

Halloween in Ann Arbor can be magical. Its a wonderful close knit community 35 miles west of Detroit. Near the Huron river it has dense forests and hills. The University of Michigan is located here as well as the Nichols Arboretum.

When holidays arrive its great when everyone gets into the decorating. Driving down the city streets look at the shops to get some new ideas. Work with your neighbors to make a whole block a Halloween spook adventure. Creating a spook house is another idea you might consider. With black cats and candy corn it is sure to be a hit.

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