Short Sale Explained in Video: Is Ann Arbor Area Short Sale for You?

Many home owners in Washtenaw County are finding it impossible to make the mortgage payments after dipping into all of their savings.  Please look at options before heading into foreclosure.

Here is a quick video explaining one of the options – a short sale.

If you have talked to your lender, and even your attorney, then you should know about some choices.  If you are looking for Ann Arbor Area Certified Distressed Property Experts with short sale experience, call our Ann Arbor Real Estate Eperts to discuss what is best for  you:  Kathy Toth has co authored a book titled Should I Short Sale My House?

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Facing Foreclosure in Ann Arbor Area?

IMPORTANT – If You Know Anyone Facing Foreclosure, Please Make Sure They Read This!

Ok… so here comes the Big “SECRET.” Are you Ready for it?

It’s earth SHATTERING! – It’s going to ROCK your world… You’ll never look at homeownership, or the “American Dream” The Same Way Again.



Because you… and your home… and your life.



Do You Understand What This Means?


This means that all that worrying you’re doing. About how you’re going to pay next month’s mortgage. Or about how you might not be “holding up your end of the deal.”

About how you have to “do the right thing…”

You Can Let Go Of All That — RIGHT NOW!

You can stop fighting with your spouse about money.

Stop losing sleep.

Stop fighting a losing battle…




Here’s the thing.  There’s a legal document associated with your mortgage. You pretty much know what it says, right?

It says if you don’t pay your mortgage, the bank can foreclose on you. They can take legal action.

And force you to leave….

But guess what.

IT’S GOING TO Take Them a LONG Time!


You see?

The guys who are sending you those letters. And calling you. And telling you that you’re behind on your mortgage payments. They don’t know you. They don’t care about you. And you are not going to hurt them if you just ignore them.

Have you ever really thought about what’s going to happen if you just stop paying? How it’s probably going to take them at least 6 months to force you to move unless you have vacated the house.

How they can’t just show up and kick you to the curb. And they have to give you fair warning… advance notice… that you have to move.

Which means …

You Have Time To Prepare


So really there’s no rush. No need to panic. You can take your time… and get a little “Strategic” about your situation.

You can stay in control.

If you or someone you love is facing foreclosure — and if you’re thinking about trying to “tough” it out.

Just ask yourself: Who am I doing this for?

For some big bank who just sees me as a business transaction? For myself, because I signed a document that said I would pay?

For my family? Because I care what the neighbors think? Because I’m proud?

No no no…  Think about it…

You signed a document that said if you don’t pay, they can eventually — (after they go through a whole bunch of legal steps) — force you to leave your home.

So the Reality of Your Situation Is


The reality of your situation is that you probably have 3,6,9 months maybe even a year or more to get ready for where you’re going to live next. If you have 3 or more acres, you have 12 months.

You have time to SAVE that money you would usually pay for your mortgage.

To squirrel it away. To build up a nest egg.

So when the BIG DUMB BANK finally gets around to kicking you out…You have the cash you need to find a suitable rental.

A Place to live with a monthly payment that’s a little less above your means.

A place and a monthly payment that can give you and your family a fresh start…

A happy home – instead of one where there’s a whole bunch of stress over how you’re going to make those “TOO BIG TO FAIL” banks happy…

Come on.


Really… who’s more important?


You… Or them?

And besides, they’ll be all right anyway right — after all, it’s their fault you can’t just sell your house and get out of this mess.

And NOT ONE of them has gone to Jail For It!

We Understand You Might Love Your Home


Sure. That’s fair. You like where you live. You love your home….

And you might be thinking you want to tough it out and stay because after all… it’s your home.

We get that.

But is hanging on to that dream really worth all the stress? All the damage it’s doing to your mindset, and your health when you can’t get a good nights sleep?

No… it’s not worth it. If you really think about it… It’s not worth it…

And If You’re Worried About Your Credit Score



It’s  ”Credit” that got us all into this mess! Kicking the can down the road. Thinking “we’ll pay for it later…”

That’s the big problem here. You need to realize that you don’t need credit!

Won’t it feel good to just live within your means. Spend what you actually have, and nothing more. Become part of the solution instead of part of the problem?

Maybe save a few bucks where you can… or rent a movie instead of going to the theater?

Stop letting those big dumb banks win again by charging you crazy interest rates on your own money?

(Yeah. Can you believe it? They’ve been taking your hard earned money — the tax money you give the government — that the government gave to them — They’re taking that an lending it back to you… and charging you interest! )


We took the time to write this because we hope that this letter will help a few good people be a little happier, and a little less stressed out…

And because if more people get this message, perhaps it’ll force the Banks — and the Government to finally fail enough that they have to start doing the right  thing.

Because when the people who poisoned this whole system are forced to fail won’t things be better for all of us?

Think about it.

Can you see how not paying your mortgage this month might actually be your Patriotic Duty?

If you Have Any Questions About This Strategy…


Thanks for reading this letter. We understand that what we talked about here might be a little new for you.

And you might not fully grasp all the technical and legal issues attached to what we’re suggesting.  That’s ok.

Feel free to contact an attorney or just email us [email protected].  We will contact you shortly.